NTWRK x Remy Martin Collab on the limited edition Year of the Tiger Jacket

Happy Lunar New Year! Here at Galore we are excited to celebrate with you and share exciting news about the latest Lunar New Year Collab; Remy Martin & NTWRK have teamed up to spotlight the limited edition Year of the Tiger Jacket.

The Limited Edition Year of the Tiger Jacket was designed by Sue Tsai, an artist and designer born and raised in New York with a lifelong dedication to the visual arts. Sue’s bold and edgy design on the Year of the Tiger Jacket reflects an impressive crossover of Galore’s favorite things; art, fashion, and pop culture.

“This jacket is inspired by traditional East Asian art but reimagined with a modern twist that reflects my signature style,” Designer Sue Tsai told us. “I wanted this jacket to both celebrate Lunar New Year and be fashion-forward as well. Partnering up with Remy Martin was the perfect fit to recognize the values that are important to me like family and striving for excellence – especially for the new year.”

Here at Galore we are obsessed with the design and respect the significance behind the year of the Tiger Jacket; the Lunar New Year is a moment of unity when generations of families and friends come together in celebration – honoring centuries-old traditions, reflecting on the year that has passed, and ushering in new beginnings in any aspect of one’s life.

Whether you choose to observe the Year of the Tiger with your friends or your family, Remy Martin, Sue Tsai and NTWRK invite the creators, collectors and dreamers who aspire for excellence to embrace the new calendar year with the sense of adventure, curiosity, and generosity. This Lunar New Year, celebrate in style with the limited edition Year of the Tiger Jacket, we hope you love it just as much as we do!

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