Natalie Ganzhorn Is A Horror Hottie

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Just in time for you to put the finishing touches on your thotty Halloween costume, we interviewed one of this year’s scary-story starlets, Natalie Ganzhorn from Guillermo Del Toro’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Read on to learn more about how the film came together, Natalie’s horror faves, and how she got into acting. 


Tell us more about your new film and how this role came together

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a new Guillermo Del Toro film based on the iconic book series by Alvin Schwartz with illustrations by Stephan Gammell.  Set in the late 1960’s, it follows the story of a group of teenagers that stumble upon a haunted house on Halloween. What follows is a terrifying test of friendship and resilience set against the political landscape of America during the Vietnam War. Guillermo is known for the monsters he creates in his films and our movie has no shortage of those. It was extremely important to both Guillermo and our films director, Andre Ovredal, to stay true to the books and the original illustrations. I think fans of the book series will be extremely happy with the way that the movie brings the books to life. 

I play the character of Ruth Steinberg. She’s the older sister of the group and a total perfectionist. Ruth has been preparing to star in her high school’s production of “Bye Bye Birdie” when she notices a spider bite on her cheek. The character that I portray in the movie is inspired by the story “The Red Spot” in the third installment of the Scary Stories book series. This was a dream role for me and I am honored to portray such a well-recognized story from the books. 

What is your favorite scary movie of all time?

This is a tough question because there are so many amazing scary movies. I recently watched the movie A Quiet Place for the first time which I absolutely loved. Some of my favorite scary movies of all time are films that Guillermo has created. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark was one of the first scary movies that I ever watched and The Orphanage was amazing and equally terrifying. Andre Ovredal, the director of Scary Stories, directed two films called Trollhunter and The Autopsy of Jane Doe that definitely top my list and are must-see if you are a horror lover! Something that is unique about Scary Stories is that the film is a mix between a modern horror movie and a throwback to “Amblin Style” movies and horror that many fans of the books grew up with. 

What heroine in a scary movie inspires you?

There are so many incredible female-driven horror films and iconic heroine roles. The idea of “the finale girl” has become one of the most recognized and iconic archetypes in the horror genre. These strong women are hard for the audience not to root for. One of my favorite heroine roles of all time is Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween. The character of Stella in Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is also a female character that inspires me. She is fiercely strong and independent and will stop at nothing to protect her friends. Through Stella’s character we learn the importance of acceptance, friendship and unwavering perseverance.

What beauty product would you die if you didn’t have?

Definitely my mascara! My dad grew up in Denmark and I definitely got my blonde eyelashes from him. Right now I’m loving the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara from Tarte.

Tell us a secret no one knows about you

That’s a tough one… I’m pretty much an open book! An interesting story that not many people know about me is how I got into acting. I actually found my love for performing and entertainment through competitive debating and public speaking. I began competitive debate in 6th grade and have travelled all over the world—to Dubai, Lithuania, South Africa, Hong Kong, Beijing etc. to represent Canada on the world stage. I am the two time Junior National, and two time International Public Speaking and Debating Champion and I won the World Championships in 2016!

Photos by Raul Romo

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