Of All the Naked Outfits Kim’s Worn, Khloé Called This One Hookerish

Kim Kardashian West is pretty much always wearing something overtly sexy. The bish has even found a way to make bike shorts look hot.

But out of all the insanely revealing, see through, body-conscious, mini length garments Kim has been spotted in, little sis Khloé Kardashian decided to tease her about her outfit in the Keeping Up With the Kardashians midseason finale.

Khloé and brother Rob take issue with Kim’s revealing dress in the preview clip for Sunday’s episode. “How much are you?” Khloé asks, leading Kim to admit their neighbors looked at her as if she were from “hooker city.” Khloé doesn’t drop it there though. “They probably think Rob paid for you,” she adds.

Funny enough, Kim is wearing a simple black dress and looks the same as she always does. Sorry Rob and Khloé, but hookers in “hooker city” tend to look a little different.

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