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My Violence drops latest music video for “Unicorn Girls,” watch the video HERE

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Featured Interview:

What is your inspiration behind this new project and how does it differ from the others?
My previous dreampop project Sugarplum Fairies was a collaboration with my former husband Ben Bohm the primary composer/guitarist and myself contributing lyrics and vocals. After our personal and artistic separation, I implemented a temporary guitar ban and started exploring new sonic territories by composing on an Omnichord, a portable synthesizer from the 1980s. This resulted in recording dalliances of various eclectic instruments and subsequently evolved into the My Violence project.
“Unicorn Girls” is a unique name. What is the story behind this?
‘Unicorn Girls’ refers to LA girls with kaleidoscope-colored hair and a plethora of tattoos.

What lyric hits closest to home on this LP
‘Teragrams of one-night stands’

What artist dead or alive would be a dream collaboration
Leonard Cohen or Lee Hazlewood

What is your beauty ritual 
Growing up in Europe, I established a relatively simple beauty routine:
– Wash face with Micellar Water and follow with moisturizer
– Minimize sun exposure
– Use minimal makeup with a focus on one feature (eyes or lips)
– Purple shampoo and argan oil for my silver hair
– I don’t like to look too perfect, can’t stand long nails and high heels, and love expensive perfume

How are you disrupting the culture with your music I am not attempting to “disrupt” culture with my music but rather pacify and beautify the current cultural climate.

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