What Was Up With All the Dudes At the MTV Movie Awards?

Okay girls, we need to have a little talk about a couple of things we saw went down last night at the MTV Movie Awards.

It pains us to say this, but the guys we grew up crushing on are struggling right now.

The women might have all been contractually obligated to wear either pink or black, but they still killed it. Whatever’s going on in guy world, though, needs to be stopped.

Here’s what we’re talking about:

Seth Rogen brought up his balls:


Instead of giving the standard awkward award presenting speech, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron had to perform a skit that culminated in a five-second heart to heart with Seth’s balls. Thanks, MTV Movie Awards writers!

Walking onstage with a buff suit slipped under his button-down shirt, Seth started commenting on how it’s not fair that these days there’s a lot of funny guys who are also really hot. Since Zac was right there, is hot, and is currently filming a comedy, Seth started blaming him, which culminated in him asking Zac to apologize to his testicles, “because they’ve shrunk to essentially nothing” from steroid use.

And now you’re all thinking about Seth Rogen’s balls.

Ryan Reynolds made a joke about his sex life that’ll make you cringe, so yeah, he’s 100% a Dad now: 


Ryan Reynolds is a dad now, and it’s pretty much an unwritten rule that dads have to make uncomfortable jokes about you in front of people, but telling the world, “I want to thank my wife — everything I do is to make her laugh, especially the sex,” is too much. 

Also, he also showed up at a “young/hip” award show wearing a hoodie, a cardigan and a tie. Like is he trying to dress like a high school teacher right before the 8 a.m. bell, or did he just not feel like committing to a full on Mr. Rogers getup? 

Come on Ryan. You’re supposed to be hot still.

Get it together, man.

Your bb Chris Pratt is all grown up and bronzing the f*ck out of his face:


As Racked pointed out, Chris Pratt wore a lot of bronzer on his face last night.


Presumably because just like your teenage self, he wanted to look really tan for a big photo opportunity. 

Only he’s not your teenage self, he’s a 30-something father of one.

While there’s nothing wrong with men wearing a little concealer here and there to even out their tone, it’s a little off putting when they cross over from au natural into the land of heavy-handed brush strokes.

Seriously, is this something that all men are going to start experimenting with now? Are men the new orange? 

Why, Chris? Why?

Alexander Skarsgard forgot to even wear pants


Actually, on second thought, we’re okay with this one.

Dear other guys, be more like Alexander Scarsgard.

But seriously, please try.

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