How to Use Your Face Lotion As a Hydrating Mask

It’s January, and whether you’re in cold-ass NYC or hot-ass Australia, your skin is probably dry af right about now. That’s where moisture masking comes in.

No, it’s not just a moisturizing face mask. It’s actually even simpler and easier than that.

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Let us begin.

What the hell is moisture masking?

Moisture masking is quite simply, using your favorite moisturizer as a facial mask to improve the overall look and health of your skin.

Why should I moisture mask?

Because you want a flawless complexion, remember? Moisture masking takes all of the goodness from your favorite moisturizer and concentrates it on your face, therefore heightening the benefits. Moisture masking boosts hydration, brightens your skin, reduces dryness and flaking, makes your skin more plump, prevents early aging, and creates a protective layer on your skin to fight against dirt, pollution, and other gross things. Allegedly. There haven’t been any clinical studies on moisture masking because apparently scientists have more important things to do, but those are the benefits people have reported after trying it themselves.

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Tell me how. Now.

Simply apply a thick layer of your favorite moisturizer at night. Allow the moisturizer to absorb for 15 minutes and then remove the excess moisturizer off of your face with a tissue (I like to rub the moisturizer into my skin before I remove the excess.) And that’s it!


Only use this mask 1-2 times per week as you don’t want your skin to become too dependent on the extra moisturizer to provide hydration.


Take a drink of water every time you read the words “moisture” and “masking” or any variation of the two. Then you’ll get even more hydrated, from the inside out. Win-win.

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