Models, Influencers and Galore Girls Celebrate Halloween at Richie Akiva’s The Haunted Hotel at The Ned NoMad in Collaboration with The Box NYC

By Kaia Harley

THE HAUNTED HOTEL AT THE NED NOMAD PRODUCED AND HOSTED BY RICHIE AKIVA AND THE BOX returned this weekend in New York City at the exclusive hotel and members club. On their First Night, October 27th, rapper G-Eazy celebrated Halloween with friends at the all out scary affair, featuring the most awarded tequila in history, Cierto Tequila. The party continued on October 28th, with models, actors and influencers filling the haunted hallways and dancefloor. Notable guests joining Richie Akiva and The Box’ Giza Selimi for the Halloween festivities included rappers Maino, Ice Spice, Lil Durk, Gossip Girl’s Evan Mock, UFC Fighter Dillon Danis, Fish Money, Luca Bella Facinelli, Taras Romanov, Al3x Crush, Ivy Getty, Victoria Dumana, Imaan Hammam, Ava Rudawsky, Izzy Metz, Bella Banos, Michelle Connelly, Kailyn Shepherd, CT Hedden, Hannah Grant, Eleonora Srugo, Daniela De Jesus Cosio, Isadora Amorim, Liv Constance, Pia Host, Lexi Wood, Mariah Castro.

Rapper G-Eazy as a Pimp at The Haunted Hotel, Photo by Vizion Air Visuals

Additional guests at the Haunted fete included Jessica Whitehead, Maxwell Osborne, Kim Dammer, Vincenzo Dimino, Yuna Pash, Stevie Guttman, Katy Chertok, Kornelia Ski, Lameka Fox, Meredith Duxbery, Jaclyn Breen, Sergio Farias, Megha Bajaj, Kristina Niko, Nicole Papadogiannis, Chloe and Gia Vizzone,Emmalynne Walpole, Cat Warrian, Samantha Kroontje, comedian Mike Young, comedian Chanel Omari, music artist Sam Woolf,  Summer Mcbride, Francesca Smurfit, Audrey Jongens, Kaitlin Reagan, Amelia Ortiz, Helen O’Gara, Scarlett Lee, Marina Nery, Camila da Silva Aguiar, Jordan Bunker, Victoria DeBlauss, Mia Hanumic, Cin Santana, Joe, April Vinzani, Michela Vybohova, Kayla McKay, Alex Zimmerman, Irene Bueso, Gabriella Nalani, Harper Rhimes, Noelle Auora, Alioune Badara Fall, and many more.

Performers from The Box at The Ned Nomad Haunted Hotel, Photo by Josh Sobel

Socialite Ivy Getty as Roller Girl, Photo by BFA

Actor and Gossip Girl star Evan Mock, Photo by BFA

DJ performers included Michael Simpson, Mel DeBarge, DJ Truth, DJ Soni withanEYE, Luka Mrvic, DJ Dwells, DJ Angel Star, Roman Chappelle, DJ Luz, with late-night guest pop ins by Al3x Crush and DJ Reign, rotating throughout the two night multi-room affair.

Supermodel Taras Romanov (aka Reign) and hospitality genius Richie Akiva of The Ned NoMad

Photo by BFA

DJ Mel DeBarge, Photo by BFA

The Ned NoMad celebrated Halloween with a takeover with The Box on October 27th and 28th, 2023, as The Haunted Hotel hosted by Richie Akiva. The elaborate conversion of the hotel was designed by Richie Akiva in collaboration with Outside The Box Amusements, who will bring their incredible skill to transform The Ned NoMad into an eerie, frightening and barely recognizable haunted world. The 2023 setting features scenes inspired by classic horror films with extravagant themed immersive experiences scaring guests at every turn from a devil-led Poker game to an orgasm room, zombie bellhops and much more. The Haunted Hotel consumed all areas of The Ned NoMad, the recently opened hotel and membership club located in the historic NoMad district, from The Magic Room to The Library to Little Ned Bar and every hallway and nook in between, including the enter second floor of hotel rooms. The party kicked off on the 27th for members followed by a second VIP filled evening on the 28th, where guests enjoyed flowing libations from Cierto Tequila and engaging music to keep partygoers on the dancefloor all evening long for an epic Halloween celebration with a massive lineup of in-demand DJs and incredible artistic performers.

The evenings were hosted and produced by The Ned’s Richie Akiva with The Box featuring production by The Box’s experiential production company, Outside The Box Amusements, a creative foundry of bespoke hospitality, world-class entertainment and innovative design. The collaboration marked the second consecutive year with 2023 featuring an intricately designed immersive experience for partygoers unlike any other. The evening was presented by Cierto Tequila, an authentic, 100% natural, luxury, additive-free tequila made in Jalisco, Mexico. Guests at the fete sipped and celebrated with Cierto for the Halloween celebrations. 

Performer from The Box at The Ned NoMad, Photo by Josh Sobel

Performer from The Box at The Ned NoMad, Photo by Josh Sobel

Luca Bella Facinelli, Photo by BFA

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