MJ Nebreda @mjnebreda is a Miami-based artist of Venezuelan and Peruvian descent with an eclectic approach to electronic music. MJ’s unapologetic approach to music sets her aside from other artists, with influences ranging from reggaeton, raptor house, and dembow to the house. We caught up with MJ as she embarked on a summer tour and talked all about style, beauty, and more! Read below.

Featured Interview:

Talk to us about your style of music

I consider myself an electronic artist who focuses on Latin dance music. I do have to note that I consider reggaeton, dembow guaracha, and change electronic genres. 

What is your dream DJ set? 

Playing in TOKYO would be my dream, and also in my home country, Venezuela, one day!

What are your top 5 favorite songs of all time?

God,… so hard, but these are on repeat right now. Also, I listen to literally everything, so…

Calculadora by Oscar de Leon

I’m looking for the Hoes by Sexyy Red

Emotions by Brenda Lee

One of Your Girls by Troye Sivan

Birth of Venus by Banshee

You have a unique fashion sense. How important is a style for you?

I have always used fashion as a way for me to feel comfortable in the world. I value comfort and expression over anything and have always appreciated how fashion has a way of telling people things about me that I don’t feel like saying. Sometimes, fashion tells me stuff I didn’t even know about myself, so experimenting is important to me. 

How is your creativity disrupting the world of Latin X music?

My approach to music is unique and based on many things, such as the combination of internal worlds. As a producer, DJ, and songwriter, I experiment much more than a regular person. I have a lot of range, so it is exciting to be able to use my range to create ideas that exist in many different worlds soft, hardcore, dramatic, slutty, Latin, electronic, club, cumbia, power, etc. 

How does your Venezuelan and Peruvian roots show up in your music?

I am fortunate to come from countries with rich musical histories and communities. I am into changing music from Venezuela, a 90s fast genre that has become popular worldwide. So, I take a lot of inspiration from changing grooves and drops, but I also love to study the melody and deep emotion in cumbia and the music.

You are super experimental. How important is mixing genres for you?

I don’t know how important it is, but it’s how my ADHD brain likes to make art. Because I am a collage of everything, and that is my identity, I think my art reflects that complexity. I can’t be defined by anything or anyone other than what I am. 

This is festival season. What festival are you most excited to play, and which have you done? That has been wild.

I am super excited to play Lady Land festival this month!! lm playing the same day as toki arca sevdaliza JULIA FOX…. it’s wild to me so excited to just be able to share a festival stage with them. 

performing in Primavera sound Barcelona was amazing. I am so greatful to be given the chance to perform at such an important festival something that for sure I will remember forever !!!

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?


What is one beauty item you can‘t live without on tour?


What is next for you?

There are some hot summer songs that I’m dying to release……..and have already shot videos for 🙂 


Photographer: Eli Penya (@eli.penya) Producer: Maison Choize (@maisonchoice) & Bless me studio (@blessmestudio) Creative Direction: Michelle A. Herrera (@mimz.canela) Stylist: Garazi Cortazar (@Garazicortazar) Agustin Espinosa (@agustin.espin0sa), Makeup & Hair: María Baaten (@aguanievess) 

 Brands: Look1: Antonio Acuario (@antonioacuario_), Namilia (@_namilia_) Mandragorous (@mandragorous) Look2: Antonio Acuario (@antonioacuario_), Onrush (@onrushw23fh) , Nuth (@nuth_official) , Dior (@dior), Niihai (@nii.hai) Look3: onrush (@onrushw23fh), New rock (@newrock) Look4: Antonio Acuario (@antonioacuario_) Pleaser Shoes (@pleasershoes) Look 5: Antonio Acuario (@antonioacuario_)

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