Miss Machina Can’t Even Listen to “Nirvana” Anymore

Originating from the heart of Dallas, TX, Miss Machina emerges as a pop-rock sensation, poised to unleash her highly anticipated debut project. With roots in musical theater and a penchant for evocative storytelling, she enchants Los Angeles with her distinctive blend of pop production and soul-stirring lyrics. 

Pushing boundaries beyond music, Miss Machina’s creative prowess extends to directing and acting, crafting visually mesmerizing music videos. Unveiling her multifaceted persona as ‘AntiDepressedAsh’ on Twitch, she invites fans into her vibrant world of live game streaming. Prepare to be captivated by Miss Machina’s dynamic artistry and electrifying performances as she ascends to new heights in the music realm.


Today we’re taking a look at Machina’s highly emotive new single “Nirvana”, named after the legendary band rather than the spiritual concept. Miss Machina penned “Nirvana” a year ago in the confines of her modest LA apartment. It emerged from a poignant and, ironically, mature relationship that had run its course despite all its positive aspects. The separation was necessary but no less difficult for it, and the resulting song delves into the everyday encounters that now evoke pain and a sense of loss, such as driving through familiar neighborhoods, browsing grocery store aisles, or listening to a beloved band. 

“I wanted to write a song that wasn’t just about the pain of losing someone but the pain of having to acknowledge them in EVERYTHING in your life once they’re gone.”

Nirvana” by Miss Machina delves into the raw emotions and lingering pain of lost love. The lyrics vividly depict her longing and heartbreak, from reminiscing about shared moments to encountering painful reminders. Constant thoughts of her ex-lover and the inability to listen to Nirvana intensify her struggle to move on. The song captures the profound impact of the breakup and evokes a universal sense of raw vulnerability and the challenges of letting go.




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