For many of us, we have seen young Ming Lee Simmons grow up in front of our eyes on tv and social media. Now at 24 years old, Ming Lee is stepping out into her own lane. A recent graduate from NYU’s fashion business & consumer behavior program, she’s on the cusp of launching a new beauty venture, working with major fashion brands, traveling the world – and looking good while doing it! We sat down with Ming Lee to learn more about what she’s been up to lately and to get a sneak peek into what she has coming very soon.  

Jacket: Entire Studios
Skirt: Ellie Misner
Necklace: Elsa Peretti Bean sourced via Millennial Decorator
Shoes: Piferi

 You’ve spoken about how fashion has made you happy and your love for designing. What are some things you’ve designed for Baby Phat? What type of items would you love to design for your own brand in the future? 

I love designing pieces that will be a part of people’s everyday lives and that are easy to integrate into their existing closets. Easy pieces that leave room for self-expression through other aspects of an outfit like hair and make-up. I really don’t like it when a piece is only able to be worn once in a specific way. 

Speaking of your own brand, what would a Ming Lee Simmons fashion line look like?  

I’m thinking about that now. It would be clean and easy to wear but pieces that are fashion forward or have innovative aspects. 

Dress: Christopher Esber via FWRD 
Heels: Vintage Blumarine via Manticora Vintage 
Necklace: Uniform Object 
Earrings: Real Fine Studio 
Tights: Wolford 

How has your mother’s iconic glamorous lifestyle influenced your personal fashion style?  

In my family we are high/low girls. There’s room for mass, moderation and luxury. Not everything in your closet must cost a fortune *giggles

You’re well versed in fast fashion and how detrimental it is to the planet. What are some practices you think every sustainable fashion brand should implement in their company? 

I think that recently social media is making the trend cycles go even faster. It’s really important that we don’t get sucked into buying things that are too “trendy” and invest in things that really speak to us or to our style. Fashion brands should have a purpose and an individual identity that serves them, as well as their consumer instead of trying to profit from mass consumption. 

Coat: Fur sourced via Select Vintage NYC 

You have something special in the works this year. I know you aren’t ready to release the full details, but in 3 words describe what we can expect from this business venture. 

delicious, sultry, flirty 

We’ve always known you as an extension of your mother, but you are stepping out into your own in the fashion and beauty world. Talk to us about the process of building your new team and carving out your own identity.  

Something I’ve noticed recently is that it is important to have a team that understands my values and outlook on the industry. 

Jacket: Rick Owens 
Skirt: Des Phemmes 
Shoes: Ferragamo 
Jewels: Real Fine Studio 

You’ve collaborated with so many amazing brands like NYX, Alexander Wang and Good American – just to name a few. If you could pick your dream collaborations, what brands do you see yourself working with soon?  

I only choose to work with brands that I love and who align with who I am. In the future, I would love to work with more luxury fashion brands. At the moment YSL is my favorite. 


You recently experienced Paris Fashion Week for the very first time. Talk to us about what this experience was like. Which shows did you attend? Give us a full recap!  

Previously, I had never been to Paris without my family, and it was a completely different experience being there for work. It was all about balance for me: doing my job, going to shows and creating content while still carving time out to see friends, shop, eat and enjoy a city I love so much. 

Jacket: Ferragamo

You’ve accomplished so much at only 24 years old and you’re just getting started. How do you balance having a fun social life and building your career? What tips do you have for anyone trying to do the same?  

Self-Love is really important. I try not to stress myself out too much or force myself to do things that I don’t want to do. We all need time to decompress, experience and enjoy life. No one can run efficiently on an empty tank. 

Let’s talk about skincare for a minute. Since you’re always on the go, what are your top 3 skincare products that are a staple in your routine?  

I always need a cleansing balm – it’s so much better than having a makeup wipe to clean your face at the end of the day, I use the Farmacy Green Clean. I also need a good moisturizer because I have dry skin. Lastly, the most important product that everyone should wear every day is sunscreen! 

Jacket: Rick Owens 
Skirt: Des Phemmes 
Shoes: Ferragamo 
Jewels: Real Fine Studio 

What are a few fashion trends you think will be popular this year?  

I adore leopard print and I’m really happy to see that it’s making its way back around. I also think that sheer pieces are having a moment. 

Out of all the places you’ve traveled, which one feels the most at home to you?  

Wherever my family is. Last year we went on a trip to Japan, and it was so interesting being there with them; learning about our heritage and seeing where my grandma grew up! 

Wardrobe: Ferragamo


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