Ming Lee Simmons dishes beauty tips for Girl Cult

Ming Lee Simmons is as hyped for Girl Cult just as much as the rest of us, and you better believe she’s bringing her sunscreen!

We caught up with her and got all of her best beauty tips so you can pamper yourself before the big day coming up!

What products do you swear by for your skin?  

Lately I love Codage’s serum N. 4 anti tâches and eclaircissant. It’s a great detoxifying serum that clarifies and brings light back to the face. I also love Neutrogena’s clear pore daily scrub.

What have make-up artists backstage at the shows and on shoots taught you about beauty?   

Makeup for shoots and shows is a little different than a daily look. One of the biggest tips is not to let a beauty trend wear you; it should be the other way around. I try to interpret trends to suit me in an appropriate way. Otherwise, it’s easy to get carried away.

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What are your summer make-up must haves?

Fudge Urban’s sea salt spray is great for looser, summer waves. A great eyeliner is the best way to keep things simple and easy, and a little bit of highlighter to add that summer glow. An all-day essential.

What’s your biggest beauty indulgence?‎ 

My mom, sister and I treat ourselves to a spa day after exams. A steam, a massage, maybe a wrap. It’s great to catch up and spend time with each other to just regroup.

Are you a lip gloss ​or lipstick kind of  ​girl?‎               

I think both can be exciting. I’m really neither “this” or “that” depending on my look and what’s going on. Sometimes I like to keep it natural and simple but every once and awhile colorful and bright is fun too.

What makeup product do you think is the most underrated and why?‎

Revlon has a 4-in-1 blending sponge that’s helpful and is great for more detailed applications. It’s an unsung hero for sure.

What product is in your own make-up bag? What product  do you never leave home without?

Copperstone clearly sheer whipped sunscreen 30 SPF is crucial for California summers. It’s guaranteed protection.

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What are 5 tips to for the perfect beauty shot for Instagram?

First off, settle into yourself. Relax and remember to have fun. Don’t worry about “matching” anyone else’s looks or pictures. Use your own creativity and beauty to create a true expression of yourself. The world has enough copy cats. You want your pictures to reflect the real you, just have fun!

Would you ever go into fashion or music biz like your parents?

I’ve grown up around some of the most talented and influential artists and professionals in the world. Those experiences have driven home the importance of education and building a solid career that can withstand pressures of the industry. Fashion and music will always be apart of my life, but there’s a lot more out there.

What is next for you in 2017?

I’m focused on finishing the school year strong. Next year, I’ll be a senior and I’m already working on plans for college and internships. It’s going to be a great summer with family and friends and travel.

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What emoji best describes you?

Honestly, the emoji that I think describes me the best is the unicorn. It’s colorful, magical, and fun!

What’s the secret to self-confidence?   ‎        

Well that’s almost a trick question, right? There is no secret. Accept yourself, love yourself, push yourself, and visualize great things for yourself, That’s a good start and the rest comes in time.

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