What girl power means to 6 members of our Girl Cult

Galore’s first ever Girl Cult Festival is just around the corner and we want to introduce you to some of the babes who rep everything Galore and Girl Cult stand for.

Every one of these women is incredibly different, they’re from a range of parts on the map, they vary in age and in looks. Yet collaboratively they all belong to Girl Cult because it’s a festival for kickass women and allies who want to come together and create a new vision.

Here’s a little bit about each of them and a quote about what Girl Power means to them.

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Kinari, 23
Tokyo, Japan
“Let my guard down and be myself.”

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Mary V Benoit, 19
Denver, Colorado
“GET IT GIRL.”- Sakura Smith

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Alyssa Vigueras, 18
New York, NY
“Girl power is about making my own decisions, not having society make them for me!”

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Daphne Vargas, 16
Harlem, NY
“The power of women has never not existed. It’s been hidden and underestimated for so long, but never non existent. And it means everything for me to see girls of all ages embrace their potential and fight back stronger for what we all believe in.”

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Natasha Rivera, 22
Paterson, NJ
“It’s the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I’m a woman Phenomenally.” – Maya Angelou

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Siri Cortez, 17
“Girl power is being steadfast in who you are as a person and not looking to impress anyone but yourself with your life and choices.”

Photography by Gabriela Mendez

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