Milk Makeup’s Creative Director Decodes the Brand’s Cool Girl Appeal

The recent Decoded Beauty Summit in New York City was buzzing with innovation and new technologies. We got the chance to see new products that blew our minds, and hear from current leaders of the beauty industry.

We sat down with cool girl creative director Georgie Greville from Milk Makeup and she gave me the scoop on the brand that has elevated to its unique platform so quickly.

How do you keep coming up with these new, fresh, and innovative ideas for the brand?

It’s truly a combination of making what we want. The women on  our team are locked into what’s going on. Our head product designer Diana has been in the business 15 years and has seen and done it all. I feel when we started out we wanted to know how we can balance out what girls really want as far as modern beauty needs go but while using natural ingredients. At the same time we want you to have fun cool products that also give you pigment.

At Milk the commandments are the “Trinity of Needs”: GOOD INGREDIENTS, PAYOFF, and FUN! We have a lot of stuff that is lifestyle oriented.

What’s coming in the near future? Any surprises we should be expecting?

The spring collection is coming out late January. We have some really cool skin care stuff coming out plus a lot of shade extensions on our eye pigments, eye vinyl, lip colors, oil lipstains, and much more. Also some amazing face products are coming and the holographic family is being extended. We are always trying to surprise ourselves and out do the last thing.

Georgie is over the modern answers to these beauty questions, she admires innovation and cool new products such as their tattoo pens that are buzzing all over social media feeds. It’s a quick statement, having fresh skin with your signature stamp.

How do you think social media contributes to your brand?

People are encouraged to express themselves. The way our campaigns look we open it up, it’s not too serious too perfect or too sexy. It is really more artistic than anything else that’s what draws people in.

What is the main message you want Milk Makeup to send to the world?

Self expression is for everybody. Everyone wants to be more understood by everybody in terms of who we really are behind it all from self expression to your style your makeup or even what you’re wearing. It’s all communicating and at Milk Makeup a lot of people think of makeup as covering up but we think it’s the complete opposite. It is actually making yourself more visible to the world, letting your skin breathe, and showing off your unique flavor. We have the natural girl all the way to the drag queen and everyone in between.

What made you guys make the transition from Milk Studios to Milk Makeup?

Eight years ago, I was the creative content arm of Milk creating things such as zines, videos, and creative content that was popular at the time. Milk turned into this creative place over time. It was more of a hotel back then because people were renting coming in and out constantly. When we started our film production company people started hanging out more and it became more of a crew doing stuff all the time. I called it the “hub of creativity”. People just felt that energy and would come to Milk to make their film happen. From shows, shoots, galleries, you just have to have confidence to walk in the door that’s what Milk is about. People may see our campaigns and think it is too cool but it’s not it’s real. Most of our models aren’t even models and I take that very seriously.

Top photo via Milk Makeup

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