Melanie Gaydos Says, “”I’ve Always Been The Type To Stare People Right In The Eye”

What makes a bombshell? Not the perfect proportions, long wavy hair, or the perfect sun-kissed skin. A bombshell is a woman who can thrive no matter the challenge, speak her truth and turn a heel on people trying to stop her. If you see Melanie Gaydos groundbreaking video for StyleLikeU’s “The What’s Underneath Project”, you can see why this fearless woman has captured our hearts. We’ll be seeing a lot more of her as she redefines labels in our fashion glossary.

Franziska Fox Top and Pant, Vintage Royalty Earrings, & Sophia Webster Shoes

Tell us more about your condition.

I was born with a genetic disorder called Ectodermal Dysplasia. It is a medical condition that effects the growth of hair, skin, teeth, nails, glands and sometimes soft bone formation. Some symptoms that effect me are scarring alopecia as well as as a bilateral cleft lip and palate. 

What  has been the hardest hurdle to overcome?

The hardest hurdle for me to overcome is truly just society as it is. Growing up I never understood why other people treated me differently because I was just born this way. Now I have to accept it for what it is, and regardless of that, I just have to stay true to my own self. Things that happen are meant to be. 

Who  are your idols?

I’d like to be legendary like Kate Moss, and killer like Tilda Swinton when I am older. 

How did you deal with bullying  growing up?

I have always had a confrontational attitude ever since I can remember. I think this strength came from my personal understanding that I was born this way, and the way I may appear to other people is not anything out of my own control. I think people tend to focus on those they think are weaker than them, simply because they will give them full control. I’ve always been the type to stare someone straight in the eyes until they back down first, or even say some fighting words which probably deemed me as crazy but I don’t care. Haha, nowadays people like that aren’t even in my world. I don’t notice them. I think it’s important to stay strong in your convictions and especially in the face of adversity. 

Any tips for girls who are dealing with being comfortable in their own skin?

I hope they will eventually understand that this is the only life and only body that you have, so you might as well make the most of it. This is something that I struggle with everyday but becomes easier the more and more I practice. It’s okay to be you and maybe not seemingly have anything to relate to in this world. That just means you have a new world to create and that is the best one because it is yours. 

How has dating been for you? 

I never dated, unlike all of my friends growing up. I was only ever concerned with connection and understanding. There were not many people on my level! A lot of people have more trivial pursuits…I’ve only ever been concerned with my life and keeping my own company. People will come along when they are meant to. I’m happily with someone I’ve been with for the last five years so dating isn’t something I have to deal with. 

What is next  for you in 2016?

I have some major projects coming out in the next few months I hope will be a huge launching point in my career. This last year I’ve really decided not to give a fuck about anything anyone may think of me and have more faith in myself. I hope everything that happens will be a huge fuck you to anyone who thought differently of me or who told me I couldn’t do something. I’m already living it now so every day is pretty amazing. 

Leka Dress, Vintage Royalty Earrings, & Lori Silverman Boots

Francesca Liberatore Dress, Vintage Royalty Jewelry, & Sophia Webster Shoes

 Leka Dress & Vintage Royalty Jewelry

 Leka Dress & Vintage Royalty Jewelry

Photography by Amber Asaly

Styling by Rose Garcia

Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci using MAC

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