Meet The Next #Girlboss Behind Our New Obsession Top Girl Studio

Anna Potter graduated from London’s Central St. Martin’s school with a degree in Graphic Design, knowing that she wanted to make it in the world as a freelance graphic designer. Until she then created Top Girl Studio, an agency that’s producing the zine some are calling a real-life Instagram burn book.

“I wanted to create something where I could explore things that interest me, and put it out there for the world to see,” she said. “Creating conversations is huge to me with the idea to get people talking about current relatable topics. Who cares if it’s positive or negative? Let’s just talk.”

Get to know Top Girl through pages of her zine, her website, her Instagram, and her words below.


“My favorite magazine growing up was Dazed, with a side order of Vogue.”


“Everything in my world is sarcasm or irony. I think because most of my work revolves around topics that have gone viral over the internet means I can branch out to a wider audience, not just U.K. I’ve just been lucky I guess that most people get my humour.”


“Do I ever get bored? I don’t have time to get bored.”


“I’ve always wanted to be a #Girlboss. I would love to create Top Girl Studio in to a brand in itself. pushing new talent and new ideas forward. All about the girl power.”


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