Meet Lunard Bay, the 3D Artist Making a Name for Himself

From the age of 14, 3D Artist Max Emelyanov, popularly known as Lunard Bay, has been immersed in video editing. In a world where technology and passion converge to create art, Lunard Bay is quickly making a name for himself. And while many aspiring 3D artists fail to achieve success, he his rapid ascension to a combination of self-improvement, discipline, and passion.

Lunard Bay fell in love with 3D art when a close friend, Yoav, introduced him to the magic of After Effects when he was 14. Those formative years saw young Max diving into the world of video editing—coloring footage, adding effects, and mastering the craft. However, it wasn’t just about the art. It was about the drive, the fire within, that propelled him to collaborate with multiple artists, absorb knowledge, and upskill—all while editing PC game footage.

But Lunard Bay’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. Post-school, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces, as mandated by his country. Although this meant he had a limited window to pursue his passion, it also presented an unexpected glimpse into his future. During his military tenure, he encountered many creative minds who spurred his interest in the world of 3D Art.

At age 18, in 2018, he was introduced to “Blender 3D.” What followed was a series of impressive accomplishments during his service. This included receiving accolades from the official NvidiaStudio on Instagram and having his work serve as the header for the Blender Nation site. He was also even named one of the Best Of Blender Artists 2022. Lunard Bay was already making a name for himself, even within the military constraints.

While many might have buckled under the pressure of military service, Lunard Bay embraced it as an opportunity. He had just 48 hours each week to dedicate to his craft. But this time limitation was a good thing. Instead, it shaped his work ethic. He had to be smart, swift, and efficient, all the while ensuring top-notch quality.

Within the first two years of learning Blender, Lunard Bay had already demonstrated his ability to work with prominent clients, even while in the midst of his military service. He began to successfully manage substantial projects within tight time constraints while dedicating 48 hours per week to his work.

And this is what makes Lunard Bay truly special. His impressive artistic talent is matched by his unwavering commitment to self-improvement and discipline. Lunard Bay’s military service could have been a setback. Instead, he flipped it into an opportunity. Every challenge was met with resilience, and every obstacle transformed into a learning experience. For Max, it was always about cherishing the process and pushing the boundaries of what was possible.

Straight after his military service, Lunard Bay was already geared up to collaborate with artists. He was responsible for the 3D animation in the music video for the song “Magia Li” by Ben Zini and Ilay Almakys, which has now garnered over 200K views. Additionally, he directed and employed 3D techniques in the music video “Til Pazmar” by rising Israeli hip-hop artist Liad Meir, surpassing 1M views and earning a spot in MTV Israel’s top 5 must-watch music videos.

Lunard Bay has had the opportunity to collaborate with globally recognized YouTubers, including Sidemen, on a commercial project that was featured in one of their YouTube videos. This particular video amassed 37 million views. Additionally, he worked alongside MrBeast on the “Lambo VS Shredder” video, which has now garnered over 100 million views.

His passion can be summed up in his words: “A man who loves walking will get further than the one who loves the destination.” For Lunard Bay, it was always about the journey, about immersing himself completely in the world of 3D art. Lunard Bay’s impressive journey has since taken him to work on major projects for renowned YouTubers like Sidemen and MrBeast.

As for the future, Lunard Bay envisions himself as the vanguard of the cinematic world, setting new standards in CGI and inspiring artists globally. Lunard Bay’s journey demonstrates that with enough passion, dedication, and discipline, dreams do come true. If you’re goal-oriented and focused, success isn’t just probable—it’s inevitable.

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