Meet Jesse Rogg: President And Producer At The Legendary Mack Sennett Studios

We had the pleasure of chatting to president and producer at Mack Sennett Studios Jesse Rogg. He talked to us about the celebs that come in and out of his working day, plus the artists he’s working with. Our very own Jacob took some pictures of Jesse (and his dog) at the studio. Take a look!
How did you find the Mack Sennett Studios Space?
Since I live in Silverlake I had always dreamt of finding the ultimate creative hub for this area but also for Los Angeles in general. Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined to find such a beautiful, historical, and culturally important space located just a block away from the Sunset Junction. I’m overjoyed to have been given the opportunity to breathe new life into this building since there wasn’t too much happening here for the past 15 years.
Didn’t Charlie Chaplin use this as a dance studio? Any ghost stories?
Chaplin didn’t use it as a dance studio but I can mention the ghosts! After almost 100 years worth of artistic energy and creation you HAVE to imagine there are some spirits in here. Considering all of the serendipity and positive energy within these walls, I am 100% certain that whatever spirits are here they’re more than welcoming 🙂
How many Studios are in the space? 

There are 2 main studios, Stage 1 is 5,000 sq ft and Stage 2 is 2,000 sq ft.. Both stages are fully equipped with dressing rooms, hair & make up stations, and green rooms. Plus, we have an amazing 13,000 sq ft basement with endless areas to shoot in including our approximately 1,000 sq ft “speak easy” style area that we call “Mabel’s” (in homage to Mack Sennett’s muse and comedienne).

What’s the most exciting ever shoot at Mack Sennett?
One of them was definitely the “Blurred Lines” video shoot with Robin Thicke, Pharrell, TI and your past Galore cover model Emily Ratajkowski.  That one literally fell into our lap, they came back for another round to shoot the Radio Shack commercial for Beats By Dre as well. After that we also had the amazing opportunity to accommodate some of the biggest Oscar winners of our time for the documentary And The Oscar Goes To… (which will debut on TCM this month). Over the course of 3 weeks, we had Hollywood luminaries such as Stephen Spielberg, Billy Crystal, Tom Hanks, Hellen Mirren, George Clooney, Jon Voight, Cher and so many more on our stages. Needless to say, this was a huge honor and a fantastic way to connect with film making royalty for us.

What can we expect at the studio this 2014?

A lot more fun shoots and events, of course. Plus we’ll also be programming a lot more original productions so stay tuned and sign up to our mailing list at to stay on top of what’s happening here or to hit us up about a potential collaboration!

You are also a producer, any tracks you are loving this year? 

The beautiful thing about the music business these days is that there’s more music than ever available. The hard part is sifting through everything but there’s quite a few things that I’m into including Connan Mockasin, Ame, Daniel Avery, Blood Orange, Dark Side, Factory Floor, Banks (one of the artists I’m producing) and sooo many more!

Favorite Grammy performance this year 

Without a doubt Daft Punk with Stevie Wonder, Pharrell and Nile Rodgers. Also had the pleasure running into you guys at their after party! 😉

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