Mazen releases his latest EP “Ozone Baby”

If you haven’t heard of Mazen, let us catch you up. The Flordia-raised artist has released various tracks creating much of a buzz in the rap game, with a combination of hard punch lines and captivating visuals is what sets Mazen apart from other rappers. He’s just released his highly anticipated EP “Ozone Baby”, we catch up with Mazen to discuss his latest project, touring + more! Stream Ozone Baby here

Featured Interview:

Mazen! It’s so good to talk with you, I’m a huge fan. How are you? 

Thank you man, I’m blessed. It’s an exciting time for me.  

You’ve just released your latest single “Ghost” alongside Erick the Architect & Powers Pleasant, I love the whole vibe of the song, Erick is flowing on the beat, and you both complement each other. How did this collaboration come about? 

Appreciate that bro. I linked with Powers last year and we made that song in our first session together. It actually came together super quickly – think we cut the track in under an hour. Erick and I started becoming good friends around that time but we never got the chance to make music together. We’d always talk about making music but would just link up and talk for hours about life, relationships, etc. At some point, I played him a rough version of my EP and he said that “ghost” was “right up his alley” so I sent it to him. He sent back a verse a few weeks later and it fit perfectly. Definitely one of my favorite songs from the EP at the moment.

What’s your creative process look like when producing a track? 

It honestly depends on the song and who I’m with. For the most part, I just try to follow my gut. I find that my best work comes together when in a state of free thought. Just being present and in the moment. 

Growing up, who were some of the artists that inspired you? 

That’s a loaded question lol cause I could name so many. I draw inspiration from different artists for different reasons. Growing up, I’d listen to everyone from Lil Wayne to Lauryn Hill or Trick Daddy to Q-Tip. I definitely had a broad taste in music but truly leaned toward artists that were doing something different. 

How would you describe your sound? 

I feel like my sound is a hybrid of all the things that make me who I am. I grew up in Florida with a lot of Southern influence but also had a huge admiration for east coast hip-hop and lyricism. I try to blend these worlds as much as I can while pushing the envelope sonically. I just wanna make shit that gets people’s attention and starts a conversation.

Your visuals are insane, sort of gloomy, dark, fantasies in which you create a mood, how important are your visuals to you? Are you super hands-on in that process? 

Definitely. I think visual representation is super important and should reflect the music I’m releasing. I’m extremely hands-on to the point where it annoys a lot of creatives that I’m working with lol but it’s always worth it in the end. I just wanna give fans an experience that goes beyond the music – something they can invest in. 

What can fans expect from Ozone Baby

They can expect to get to know me better. I wanted to give my fans a project that covers a lot of ground and showcases different layers of who I am. Most importantly, I wanted to display my versatility and make a project that anyone could get into no matter what vibe they’re on. 

I’ve seen in comments fans asking when are you performing live, can we expect any live shows this summer? 

For sure. I honestly can’t wait to perform a lot of the songs from the EP. Stay tuned.

If you could collaborate with any artist or producer, who would it be? 

It’s funny cause I was thinking about that earlier today lol but probably T-Pain. I think he doesn’t get enough credit for being as innovative as he was. He’s also super talented and has made some of my favorite hooks ever. In terms of producers, probably Alchemist. Mainly because he doesn’t miss. Can’t name one bad Alchemist beat. 

Your fashion game is crazy, what are some of your favorite brands at the moment? 

Appreciate that. Right now, I’m really into FFFPostal Service & Martine Rose.

Can fans expect merch soon? 

For sure. I’ve teased some merch items in the past and definitely think it’s time to make it a consistent thing. 

Any 2023 plans? 

I’m definitely gonna be in Europe for most of the summer. Aside from that, you can definitely expect more music and show announcements. This is just the start, to be honest. 



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