Mariah gives us “Una Noche Mas”

If you’ve been on the latin music pulse the past few weeks, no doubt you’ve heard the catchy “Perreito”. Meet Mariah, the baddie responsible the fire hit. Mariah’s most recent single “Perreito” Remix with Arcangel and Darrel has over 18 million views on Youtube with just 3 weeks of the release. We caught up with the new Miami trap princess about her new single “Una Noche Mas”, how she is taking all the new found success, and how to twerk it like Mariah!

Pants and top: Bebe Aguirre, Socks: Puma, Shoes: GCDS, Necklace: Dalmata

How does it feel to have one of the hottest songs of the year with PERREITO? It feels amazing. It feels overwhelming. It feels like a dream come true. I feel blessed to have one of the hottest songs this year. Perreito is doing so good. The remix almost has 20 million views in three weeks. It’s actually pretty crazy. I’ve always wanted to be an inspiration for other people. I just hope I’m inspiring someone out there.

When did you fall in love with music, and what made you want to become a musician?I fell in love with music when I was in my mom’s stomach when she was pregnant with me because she loves music and I feel like I was born with music in my heart. What made me want to become a singer was me waking up everyday waiting for the bus to go to school and putting on MTV music videos and I would watch everyone. I would watch Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Usher, Neyo, Mariah Carey and I would see all these people on TV and I always wanted to be like all of them. I wished to be living that life, the life that I am living right now.

“PERREITO” remix has over 18 million views on YouTube, and your streams on all platforms are through the roof!  How does it feel to know your songs are a hit, and how has the journey been getting to where you are now?Thank you guys so much for the support on the song, feel me? I can literally repeat it all day long too. I love it! It’s one of my favorites.

Who would be a dream collaboration to have on your album? A dream collaboration to have on my album would have to be Bad Bunny.

How was your first experience attending Latin American Music Awards, and what was your favorite part of the evening?It feels so good that my dreams are coming true. It was my first time at LAMAs and it felt amazing. I was running into my friends, my colleagues. It just feels so good to be witnessing all your friends follow their dream with you. I feel like the music world is a family. I feel like el genero urbano es una familia (the urban genre is a family). I just felt so blessed to be there.

Your new song “Una Noche Mas” just dropped around Latin American Music Awards tell us more about this song?Thank you guys so much! I had so much fun shooting the lyric video for “Una Noche Mas.” I had to really put in that work.

The lyric video foryour new single “Una Noche Mas” is fire. your dance moves are Jlo approved! Teach us how to twerk and move like Mariah. what are 5 tips to twerking properly?

  1. you have to get really low
  2. you have to arch your back a lot
  3. stick your butt out
  4. stick your tongue out while you’re twerking – hannnnn! You know!
  5. and most importantly… you gotta be twerking to Perreito! If you ain’t twerkin’ to Perreito, what is you doing?

You met the Puerto Rican Rap Diva Ivy Queen how was that meeting, and what advice did she give you? It was sooo dope meeting Puerto Rican Rap diva Ivy Queen, “La Caballota”, “La Reina del Reggaetón”. She gave me Good advice she told me to keep following my dreams; she told me to never give up, and to keep being real and Nolmal.

“PERREITO” remix has over 18 million views on YouTube , and your streams on all platforms are through the roof!  How does it feel to know your songs are a hit, and how has the journey been getting to where you are now? “Perreito” (Remix) has almost 20 million views in a couple of weeks, and it feels like a blessing, it wasn’t easy. People think it’s only “Perreito”, but you know I’ve been in the music a couple years now like husting and working hard and I feel good that finally all my hard work is paying off

Being Puerto Rican and Cuban how have your roots played into your music? Being Puerto Rican and Cuban have played a big part in my music because when Nelly “El Arma Secreta “met me I was doing trap music I was doing English, but since I’m also Puerto Rican I was willing to explore that side of me too, that side of my culture. So, I’ve learned a lot, honestly 

What is the craziest dm you ever gotten?The craziest DM that I’ve ever gotten was someone was telling me that I was his soulmate and they know we were going to be together one day. 

What beauty products are you currently obsessed with?My favorite beauty products are highlighter, anything that moisturizes your lips and rosewater for your face.

What is your beauty regime when traveling city to city? My beauty regiment when I’m traveling is to not wear any make up. If I’m traveling I’m going to make sure I have no make up on and I just start getting ready when I have an event. I also always keep my face moisturized. 

What do you love most about living in Miami? What I love most about living in Miami is that my mom and my dad live here. My sister, my brothers, live here. So, I feel like I’m at home when I’m in Miami.

One beauty item you never leave home with out? One beauty item I never leave home without issssss my Vaseline for my lips

How would you describe your style?I would describe my style as…. Original, colorful and fly

Who is your fashion icon? My fashion icon is Lady Gaga

What tv show are you currently binge watching? To be honest, I don’t even have time for TV. I don’t remember the last show I watched I think it was the Versace Mansion?

What makes you the happiest? Being fully supported by my family, my team and my fans.

What is your girl power motto?“Siempre Mami, Nunca inMami no soy como tú, uh”

Whats your secret to self confidence?The secret to self-confidence is self-love. So, working out, for example, if you’re working out you’re going to stay in shape, so the better you look, the better you’re going to feel about yourself, but it’s all about taking care of yourself from the inside and out. Mentally, spiritually, physically, that all results in self-confidence, self-love.

What is next for you?What’s next for me? I feel like I’m going to make it to the Grammy’s this year and if I don’t, I still got next year and the year after that. I’m never going to quit!

Latex dress: Venus Prototype Earrings: Leciel Design Necklaces: Dalmata
Top and skirt: Juicy Couture Chain bracelets: Dalmata

Photography and creative direction: Prince Chenoa + Jacob DeKat

Stylist: Bianca Agrusa and Luna

Make Up: Luigi Chamorro

Hair: Jeanna Sabatino

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