Mara Teigen’s Tanning Tips Will Give You A Model Glow

Since model Mara Teigen of Kylie Jenner lip gloss video fame impresses us with her season-defying-glow time and time again, we asked her if she could let us in on her secrets to getting an ever-present “kissed by the sun” look, just in time for Memorial Day barbecues and beach romps.

Even if you’re pasty pale, or prone to peely burns, Mara’s tips will leave you looking like you just flew in from Cabo. From fake bake to sun spray, Mara’s got all of your bronzing questions answered. The sharper the tanlines, the better.

Do you ever fake bake? 

I am not against fake bake. If I want to even out my color, or just get some more, I will go to a tanning salon.

What are some ways to ensure your skin remains healthy through the process?

ALWAYS wear tanning lotion to protect your skin from the UV rays. If you can, try and use the newer beds, they are easier on your skin.

Is it a good idea to fake bake for a base before laying out in the sun?

If I’m going on a vacation I might fake bake once or twice before so I can have some color already. Other than that, if you’re going to tan in the sun, just use the sun!

How can you make your tan last as long as possible after vacation is over?

If I get a nice tan from vacation, I try and be outside in the sun as much as possible so that it doesn’t fade.

What are some tanning oils that allow you to get the best tan without getting sun damage?

Always try to go all natural by using coconut oil or avocado oil. It’s much better for your skin.

What are some other natural products that protect you from the sun?

Sesame oil is awesome for your skin. Any natural oils are going to help protect you from the sun. They also make your skin feel super smooth afterwards, which is always a plus!

How do you ensure you tan evenly?

If I’m alone at my own pool then I will do all sorts of funny positions to make sure the sun hits me from every angle. If I’m in public I keep it PG by doing just front and back.

What’s a skin saver you use after getting a gnarly burn?

I use a Rosewater and Aloe spray that I bought from Urban Outfitters. It calms down the skin and reduces redness. Don’t want to look like a tomato!

What bronzers and makeup beauty products help enhance a tan?

I love the Infinity Sun ‘Glow on the Go’. Looks amazing and is super easy to spray on for a last minute tan.

Do you ever spray tan? If yes, how do you ensure you don’t come out with an orange hue?

If I am super white, and need to be tan ASAP for a shoot then I will get a spray. But NEVER us the machine spray tan because that’s guaranteed orange. I have a girlfriend that does an airbrush tan and uses organic solution. It always comes out bronzy and amazing!

This story was originally published on May 25, 2015.

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