This Girl Is Making Sorority Apparel You Won’t Be Embarrassed To Rock

When Malika went to school and got her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Counseling, she never thought she’d end up with a career as a wardrobe stylist and entrepreneur.

Now, Malika a.k.a. “Make Me Over Malika,” is the big haired, modest-chic girl who has made her passion for fashion her lifestyle. She currently styles private clients and is launching a sorority apparel company later this month. If you ever feel like your current lifestyle isn’t your final destination, check out our Q&A with Malika.

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How did you join the fashion industry? 

An Executive Director for J. Crew wanted me to work for her and [I] originally turned it down because that wasn’t what I thought I wanted to do with my life. I mean, I was in school for my masters in counseling and already had my bachelors in psychology. The Executive Director offered me a job to model for J. Crew without having to do all the other retail tasks. So I got paid to model the clothes, take selfies, and post to my social media, that eventually grew my following.

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What would you describe your personal style as? 

I love so many things, but if I had to choose, I would say “conservative chic,” because I like to be covered up but I love sparkles, staple necklaces, etc. So like eye catching, flashy pieces, just not showing too much skin.

What tips do you have for women looking to grow their personal brand?

Identify your target market and figure out what works for your audience. Even if business is slow, stay consistent because your audience will follow. You don’t want to confuse your audience by doing too many hustles.

How did Make Me Over Malika come about?

It came about from styling my friends and family. Once I started promoting myself via social media, people from college would put my name in their phone as “Make Me Over Malika” as a joke. When I started my company I had to think of a name and that came to mind.

While I was working full time in Forensic psychology, styling and fashion became more of my interest. In 2014, I loved my co-workers, but the job didn’t excite me and I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I would talk to God so much about it and one day I just decided to quit and start my own business.

How did your social media popularity grow so huge? 

I think the thing about social media is about being consistent. When people initially followed me it was because of my style and my hair. I never tried to go into a different field, I always stuck to fashion and engaged with them as much as possible. Being personable really helped my brand because they could relate to me more and felt I was more approachable.

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What are the most important factors in becoming a entrepreneur? 

If you don’t put in the work, you don’t reap the benefits. I started getting comfortable and realized the money wasn’t matching. Being able to wake up and be motivated and find new ways to get it is very important. Always think about your consumer and how to switch it up. If you’re really passionate about what you’re doing, you will find a way and put in the work if you really want it to happen.

How has your social media popularity helped in your personal brand and business?

Social media hasn’t really helped when it comes to making money because my target market isn’t on social media. A bulk of my followers are college women, but most of my clientele are older and more established women so I knew that they weren’t my audience, but it helped me shape my brand.

I worked with Neiman Marcus a few years ago, they let me pick a charity of my choice. Since the crowd always looked the same and they wanted diversity in their crowd, I was able to pitch to them. Because of my following on social media, I was able to bring a more diverse crowd. As opposed to someone with a smaller audience. it looks better for me to pitch myself with my big following.

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What are some personal and business goals you set for yourself?

Personal goals is to keep growing, stay motivated, and not give up. I know who I am so my biggest goal is to not get too comfortable. Think of new ways to be creative as well. Business wise I want to focus on keeping my audience happy and attracting a diverse audience.

What’s an interesting fact about you that many people don’t know? 

Anything that ends in berry or –erry I will not eat. I really don’t like to watch tv, the only show I actually am interested in is Real Housewives of Atlanta and Jersey.

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What was a huge challenge you overcame to become successful?

Learning that everyone isn’t going to support you, family and friends. I had to learn that just because they’re my family or friends doesn’t mean they have to support me. Don’t force people to support you either.

What do you want your supporters to take from this interview?

I know this sounds cliché, but anything is obtainable. If you really work hard at anything, even if you see other people doing it, you can still be successful.

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