Lyanno Knows To Never Skip Foreplay

Puerto Rican papi Lyanno knows to never skip the foreplay. The Latin urban artist recently released a new EP—entitled “Foreplay”— that is dedicated to our current time of quarantining. While you may not have a partner nearby to get down to foreplay with, you can read our interview with Lyanno and check out our exclusive photoshoot. And hey, maybe you and bae can listen to the EP together over Facetime?

Tell us about your EP, “Foreplay.” 

My album “Foreplay” is a Spanish R&B project dedicated to this quarantine. I did it thinking of all my fans who missed the essence of what Lyanno is. I mean, my roots. Of all my EPs, this is my favorite so far.

What turns you on the most in a woman?

The thing I like most about a woman is her self-confidence. I think the self-confidence that she exudes is sexy. 

What the freakiest thing you have ever done with a girl?

Make things happen where they are not supposed to be done 🤣.

Who are your heroes and icons?

I’m a huge Daddy Yankee fan and he’s one of my icons, but my motivation comes from my desire to give my family a better life.  

How have you been spending the Quarantine?

In my home studio, where I am recording and making music. 

What song hits close to home on Foreplay EP?

For me it is “Gritos y Posiciones 2.” It has the whole concept of “FOREPLAY” and I think it has been one of the favorites.

Who would be your dream girl?

My girllll!

What is next for you in 2020 after this quarantine is over?

I was doing what will be my new album, but with the Coronavirus I paused it. I hope I can get it out this year!


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