Louisa Van Der Sterren Designs Clothes For the Victorian Babes at Heart

If you have ever wondered what a spiritually solid, 18th century-inspired, friggin BOSS looks like, look no further than Louisa Van Der Sterren, the designer of Fete Clothing.

We spoke to Louisa about her love of astrology, home decor, veganism, and of course, her gorgeous clothing line.

Read on and fall in love.

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What are three words or phrases you’d use to describe your and Fete’s aesthetic?

Fancy, fluff, no pants forever.

If you didn’t live in Los Angeles, where in the world would you live and why?

Rural spain! I love the culture, the way of life, plus it’s incredibly beautiful — and Spanish is my first language. My dream is to live in an old castle with a million rescue animals and grow my own vegetables.

What are your favorite Fete pieces, past or present?

My favorites so far are the Love Angeles Playsuit, the Little Bubble Dress, and the Little Doe lederhosen.

How did you get into astrology? What are your favorite beginners’ resources?

I’ve always been interested in astrology! In the last few years I’ve begun to live by the stars, everything from the way I eat to planning dates.

A great book to learn and reference is “Astrology” by Isabel M. Hickey. “The Zodiac And The Salts Of Salvation” is awesome for learning about how astrology relates to the body. I’m also obsessed with Santos Bonacci’s lectures on astrotheology and syncretism.

If you could see any celeb wearing Fete, what celebrity would it be and why?

Yoko Ono. I don’t really care about celebrities but she is someone I just adore on a spiritual level, so to see her wearing Fete… I would just cry.

Your home is absolutely beautiful! Where is your favorite place to shop for furniture/home accessories and what is your favorite piece in your house?

Thank you so much! I love Etsy and antique stores for the fancy mirrors and vintage fluffy rugs, and more modern stores like Roche Bobois or Restoration Hardware. I always hit the RH outlet or floor sales. Jonathan Adler has some great home decor, I love their pill memorabilia. I also probably have a million crystals in my home, they are everywhere, even on the floor, people accidentally kick them around! My favorite crystal shop is Spellbound Sky in Silver Lake.

My favorite piece by far is my fancy gold mirror with a cherub on top! I inherited (read: stole) it from my family’s home.

If you could wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Either the Fete Love Angeles Playsuit, or some fluffy tulle tiny dress that looks like a mix between a feather duster, a flower, and a French pastry. Also, leg warmers and fingerless gloves. I’m always cold!

When did you become vegan? What are the most noticeable changes you’ve seen in your mind/body/soul since becoming vegan?

I believe I was 20, so about 6 years ago. For me, the biggest changes have been feeling lighter, healthier, and happier. I don’t feel anger anymore which is pretty amazing. Using food as medicine (in combination with kundalini yoga) has kept me free of disease and ill health.

I truly believe you must eat high vibrational foods in order to have a comprehensive spiritual experience in this reality. When you eat foods of higher vibrations, you raise your own vibration. That’s the goal.

Honor yourself! Be conscious and intentional about what you consume whether that be food, media, energy, or whatever else! Your mind and body will thank you!

What’s your biggest piece of advice for young girls or guys looking to break into the fashion industry through design?

Be aggressive, be unconventional, create your own way. There isn’t just one path to success anymore.

When one door closes, it’s just an opportunity to build your own door, a big fancy beautiful gold one.

What’s next for Fete?

Fete is releasing a line of super affordable lingerie and sweaters, made of the softest, snuggliest, never wrinkle fluffy knit fabric. And perfume!


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