A Lot of 20-Something Girls Say They Enjoy Eating More Than Sex

Maybe this doesn’t come as a surprise.

A new study on millennials (people aged 18-34) has found that a lot of girls consider eating just as, if not more enjoyable than sex, VICE Munchies reports.


Everyone loves eating, but 42% of the women surveyed by Havas Worldwide claimed they’d prefer dining at a nice restaurant than having sex. That’s compared to 26% of men surveyed by the the advertising agency, which spoke to 11,976 people from 37 different countries overall.

They also found that 53% of those surveyed considered eating out their “favorite social activity” and 56 percent identified food shopping as “one of their favorite chores.”

All of these findings seem pretty consistent with studies showing that millennials are having less sex, and really enjoy bingewatching Netflix series by themselves. Food is great — and cooking can be very therapeutic — but the discrepancy between the dude and girl numbers is just a little bit alarming.

We should blame guys for this problem. If they were better at having sex, maybe more girls would want to have it!

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