How to look chic but “appropriate” at a work holiday party

Christmas is coming and you know what that means, right?  It’s time to party with your co-workers!

But, this isn’t your typical booze-filled, hook-up with the random hot guy across the room kind of party.

It’s your annual awkward, ugly Christmas sweater-wearing, Secret Santa-gifting office soirée.

And all you’re thinking is, “why do I have to dress in boring work clothes, when I could be in something so much more chic and sophisticated to ensnare the office hottie, or at least not look like a grandma?”

For reals, if you want to get your coworker (whom you have been secretly crushing on for the past 2 years) to notice you, you can start by cutting up that ugly ass Christmas sweater and throwing it into the fire.

Instead, the key is to have both elements of professionalism and style in your look. Keeping it classy and chic.

So, here are a few ideas.

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1. The sweater’s sexy step-sister

Say goodbye to the ugly sweater and say hello to the white turtleneck sweater dress. To transform the look into the perfect combo of classy and chic, add some fancy stockings and black booties.

You can also style it up with a long black trench coat, because the trench coat is a definite must-have fashion staple piece. And you can never go wrong with a classic black and white outfit!

You don’t have to go with white, you can do black or grey, but white is wintry af.


2. Santa’s got a brand new pantsuit

The red pantsuit: It’s chic, but also super sophisticated.

But, sometimes a red pantsuit can be a little revealing. Keep it office-appropriate by wearing a little black tank top underneath — or a white one to really play up the Santa theme.

As for the accessories, you want to keep it simple and not so glitzy. Pair the look with some vintage pearl earrings for that old hollywood glam look and killer classic black heels!


3. LRD: little red dress

With a dress like this, you have to be extra careful to not wear one that isn’t too short, otherwise, the office killjoys will sexualize and judge you.

If you want to spice up your look, then add a statement choker or maybe an ultra-glam clutch. But I would say go with the long-sleeve shift style instead of the spaghetti-strap cocktail dress because, again, the haters will be looking you up and down if you show too much shoulder.

Throw on a pair of stilettos, a black blazer and you’re good to go!


4. The ’60s Mad Woman

A red blouse and black pencil skirt will give off total Joan Harris in “Mad Men” vibes.

The great thing about this look is that you can mix and match. You could do the red peplum button-down and classic black pencil skirt and pair the look with some cute little ankle boots or flats.

The other option is to do a black button-down with a red pencil skirt. But you can also wear a ruffled red midi skirt for a fun and flirty look, with a black white polka-dotted blouse. Also a red cashmere sweater and a black skater skirt would work as well and  pair the look with a studded clutch!


5. Looking good in white, hint hint

If you REALLY wanna send a very serious and not-insane-at-all message to the office hottie, arrive in head-to-toe white and he or she will get the picture in no time. This is the perfect time of year to do it, because you can pretend you’re channelling a snow queen instead of giving off bridal vibes.

Rocking an all white outfit at an office holiday party isn’t easy, it’s super risky, but it also makes you stand out amongst the crowd. You don’t have to wear a white dress and white heels. You can wear a white jumpsuit and some hot red heels to keep it festive. You can also do a poplin white off-the-shoulder top and some white high-waisted palazzo pants with some fabulous eye candy jewelz. You’ll look like a total snow angel babe!


6. The emo queen of Daylight Savings darkness

I know what you’re thinking, “Black at a Christmas party? That’s so fucking emo!”

But you’re not actually going to wear a simple black dress. You need a black dress that has some cool prints and patterns. Like floral or lace, or polka dots and animal prints perhaps?

Floral and lace are more feminine, while polka dots and exotic animal prints are a little more on the wild side. You can also wear a long sleeve black dress with a white button down shirt underneath to get that cute scholarly school girl look!


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