London Vs. NYC Faceoff: Which City’s Cooler?

As a stylist, London-based Kylie Griffiths is constantly jetting back and forth from London to New York City, while dressing everyone from Ciara to Tinashe. So we asked her to put the two cities head-to-head in some of her favorite categories, from day drinking to mac & cheese. 

Here’s what she came up with.

1. GOING OUT: New York City

I love going out in NYC, I feel a little bit like it’s my second home. I think the culture of going out is very different to London, in London our licensing laws are so much later that you can go on forever, but I quite like that NYC (and the US) know when to call it night ha!

Shooting in Marylebone, London, for GRLPWR and Nike.

2. FASHION: London

I think London style is a little more eclectic and colourful than NY style, but saying that I think New Yorkers always look amazingly well put together. London is my favourite place in the world for style as I love all the variations and how you can wear whatever you want and no one cares.


Notting Hill Carnival is quite possibly my favourite thing in the world, I think NY is missing out by not having the equivalent. There is nothing better than hanging out in the sun, drinking a cold beer and having a Red Stripe. I’ve never experienced anything similar in NYC — maybe a boozy brunch!?

4. TIPS: New York City

NYC and Americans in general are fantastic at tipping, I spent a good few years of my early adult life working in U.K. bars and I’m pretty sure I got tipped a grand total of four times…

5. SNACKS: New York City

NYC has my favourite ever restaurant, SMACKS. Any restaurant that is solely based around macaroni cheese a.k.a. the food of the gods is a winner in my book, London is desperately missing a trick by not finding its own equivalent. London did recently get a Five Guys which was a life changer for me as they do do the best hot dogs I’ve ever tasted — which is a close runner up to Mac and Cheese for me.

6. DIVE BARS: London

I LOVE that NYC has a Coyote Ugly bar. On one of my first trips to New York I dragged my brother in there, much to his distress, and it will always be one of my all time favourite memories of NY! But London does have two of my all time favourite dive bars, the Cro Bar and Garlic and Shots. I love both of them so much that I’ve held my birthday at both numerous times. Cro Bar is a tiny little rock bar covered in posters, and Garlic and Shots, is well a bar based around garlic and shots.

7. VINTAGE SHOPS: New York City

NYC has some of the best vintage markets I’ve ever seen, I don’t think London has managed to nail vintage markets as well as NY have. I am always checking in extra luggage on my way back.

8. DINING OUT: New York City

I love how social NYC is, and how going for dinner ALL the time is the total norm. I’m obsessed with eating out so this suits me fine (partially because I am a shocking cook!)

9. YOUTH CULTURE: New York City

VFiles, I love it, it’s in NYC — enough said! It’s easily one of my favourite brands and although I feel like we have some of the greatest designers based in London, I’m always a little sad that VFiles isn’t here.

10. MUSIC: It’s a draw…

Both cities are pretty amazing when it comes to this — I’ve been to some of the best gigs of my life in London, but have been to some of the best warehouse parties with surprise performances in NY! Both cities do music differently but so well!

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