LOL At Hillary Clinton Trying and Failing to Swipe Her MetroCard

Hillary Clinton took the train in the Bronx this morning, and the ex-New York Senator struggled like a tourist to swipe her Metrocard correctly. We don’t mean to make fun, since she is, you know, just a human like the rest of us, but Hillary trying and failing to swipe not one, or three, but five times to swipe into the subway on 161st street is just LOL.

“It was my first term when we changed from tokens to MetroCards,” Clinton told reporters at the 161st Street subway station in the Bronx.

To be fair, Bernie Sanders is no more in-touch than she is. A few days earlier, The Daily Mail asked rival candidate Bernie Sanders if he rides the subway.

“What do you mean, ‘How do you ride the subway?’” Bernie replied. “You get a token and you get in.”

See Hillary’s subway follies below.

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