LIZ Y2K Says Tupac’s In Cuba Partying With Rihanna

A Mad Decent cosign certainly doesn’t hurt anyone, so when Diplo approached Liz Y2K, the singer who makes pop music for those of us raised on S Club 7, The Backstreet Boys, and Christina Aguilera, she couldn’t say no. Since then, the Los Angeles born-and-raised singer has released a multitude of sugar-sweet pop songs that still manage to go hard. Here, Liz Y2K talks Tupac conspiracies and Britney Spears’ habit of posting stock images from Google on Instagram, reminding us why we loved the 2000s so much in the first place.

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So, tell me a little bit about how you got your stage name?

Originally, it was just supposed to be LIZ in all caps, and it still technically is, but I just adopted this nickname. LizY2K was just what I picked for all my socials. All my handles would be the same, but I think it’s because a lot of my inspiration for my music and my style stems from the early 90s and just the early 2000s’ vibe.

So, if you had to pick a previous decade to live in, what would you choose?

Maybe the Renaissance Era—riding horses and living in a castle. I watch a lot of movies and shows that take place in that time, and I thought it was cool back then that they actually believed in fairies and dragons.

If you were a flavor of ice cream, what would you be?

I think mint chocolate chip. It’s my favorite, and you just never forget it.

What is your theory of what happened to Tupac?

Apparently, he’s in Cuba partying with Rihanna. [Laughs] My theory is that Suge Knight had him killed. That’s what everyone said, and I believe it. Tupac’s definitely not alive.

So, what is your biggest social media “don’t?” What annoys you the most on social media?

Just posting stock photos. I love you, Britney Spears, but your Instagram confuses me. She’s been posting pictures of things she’s just Googled. She posted a picture of Mexican grilled corn, but it’s the first picture that comes up if you Google “Mexican grilled corn.” She posts these pictures of fairies that look like your aunt would post on Facebook, along with some inspirational message. Just try to post your own photos. I post inspirational photos all the time, but try to mix it in at least. Also, oversharing is a big don’t. And bragging about things that haven’t happened yet—that’s the worst.

If you could ask Aaron Carter one question, what would it be? Or what would you say to him?

He followed me on Twitter recently and then I blasted it out by screen capping it and posting it on Twitter. I was like, “Oh, my God. Aaron followed me,” and then he unfollowed me. So my question would be, “Aaron Carter, why did you unfollow me?”

What beauty product is essential to being you?

Definitely sunscreen because I’m so pale.

And a makeup product?

Highlighter! I like to highlight my cheekbones and the arches of my brows and the corners of my eyes. I think that can immediately make you look more awake.

What songs or artists are you into right now?

I’m really into this Belgium artist called Stromae. I saw him at Coachella last year. He’s really big in Europe and all of his songs are in French, but it doesn’t matter to me, I totally feel whatever he’s saying. His style is world music mixed with electronic, and it’s really catchy too. His live shows are incredible, and I’m really digging him.

Is there anyone you want to collaborate with?

I’d love to do something with Dej Loaf. I think that would be interesting. I really like her voice and her tone.

What projects are you working on now?

I have a collaboration coming out with this artist named Shift K3Y from the U.K. I’ve been spending a lot of time with him in London and working with a plethora of producers and writers over there. Then I have another single coming out, which I think people are really going to like.

Are you excited for festival season?

I don’t know if I’ll be booked for festivals. They tend to not book super pop acts, but I would love to.

Do you have a favorite memory from Coachella?

Definitely seeing Stromae. I also saw Muse and sat in the sound booth with the sound engineers. It was basically front of house. Their show was crazy!

What’s your go-to festival look?

I’m not into the whole “festival look because I think everyone does the same thing. Last year, I wore a lot of ripped leather, and I always wear Doc Martens because I don’t care if they get dirty. They are so easy to clean, and the dirt doesn’t get inside.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yeah. When I was younger, I would always get spirits in my room. I feel like when you’re a child, you’re really sensitive to spirits because you’re super receptive to them.

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