Lindsay Arnold Danced Her Way to Fame

Meet Lindsay Arnold. Born in Utah and based in Los Angeles, the bubbly blonde is born to dazzle the dance floor. Thanks to her charming presence, it’s absolutely no secret that she wins the hearts of the judges and partners such as Chicago Bears slugger David Ross on Dancing with the Stars at just 23!

We chat about what made her join DWTS, how Julianne Hough inspires her, why being at the gym can be boring and what not to do when you’re trying to book a job.

You have been on Dancing with the Stars for 9 seasons. What made you want to join the show?

I was 10 years old when DWTS started and I remember being so excited to watch a TV show that was all about dancing. I would have my parents record the show every week and race home after dance class to watch and vote for my favorites. I remember thinking and saying that I would be on that show one day. Of course as I got older, I doubted that possibility until I got on the show (So You Think You Can Dance). During that season I was contacted by DWTS and was asked to take part in their show as soon as SYTYCD was over. I truly could not believe it, as a ballroom dancer, DWTS was my dream and I was so grateful to see that dream come true.

Based on your background, you started dancing when you were 4 years old. Who inspired you to dance and why did you choose to specifically focus on ballroom dancing?

Julianne Hough trained at the same dance studio as I did when I was younger. I remember watching her train with her ballroom partner and wanting to do the same thing. I talked to my mom, (then) she immediately started looking for a partner my age and we started to train together.

On the show, you try so many different styles like the tango, freestyle and the salsa. Which style is the most challenging for you?

I love all of the dance styles and the most challenging dance changes every season depending on my partner and what their abilities and strengths are.

We are so excited to see you dance with David Ross! How do you know him and what is it like to train a baseball player to dance?

It has been so great getting to work with David. He is such a genuine and down to earth guy and has so many incredible qualities that you want in a partner. On top of that, he can move! It has been so fun to see his progress and I can’t wait for more improvement. 

Given that David is not the first athlete you’ve worked with, what have you learned from working with athletes?

Athletes are hard workers and they are very competitive. They know what it takes to win and are always willing to put in the work.

If you weren’t a dancer, which sport would you go into and why?

I would love be a gymnast. I took gymnastics when I was younger but had to choose between that and dance due to time constraints but I really did enjoy the sport.

I just learned that you are into outdoor sports like hiking. Given that you are constantly required to stay in shape, what differences have you discovered from working out outdoors vs. being in a gym (or studio)? 

I have a very hard time staying motivated when I am running on a treadmill inside a gym. I get distracted and bored very easily so it’s always a better option for me to go outside for a run or hike and get some sunlight and fresh air. 

If you have to have a cheat day, what you do you usually binge on?

I love key lime pie and anything key lime pie flavored.

Imagine yourself as a college student: there is one spring break destination, where will you go?


Lastly, what are your top tips for aspiring dancers who want to break into the industry?

Stay true to you. Don’t try to change who you are to fit in or to book a job, make people appreciate you and value who you are by loving yourself and being confident.

Photographer | Brandon Showers

Hair | J Zilken

Makeup | Chauntal Lewis

Stylist | Natalie Saidi

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