Lexz Pryde Accidentally Went From Modeling to Collaborating With Snoop Dogg

Lexz Pryde didn’t mean to become a singer.

She moved to New York from Pennsylvania at a young age to pursue modeling, starting out living in those crazy model apartments you hear about sometimes, and started getting invited out frequently by club promoters.

Lexz had a good attitude about it.

“The hardest part was just going to the castings,” she told me over the phone. “I had a good experience in the end, because I was able to meet people that would inevitably give me the opportunity to pursue music.”

So, how’d she do it? Read our interview with the “Motivation” singer, below.

When’s your birthday?

It’s June 26, which is actually Pride Day also.

Oh, is pride important to you?

Yeah, it definitely is. Hence my name [laughing]. I didn’t get a chance to perform this year, but I did the last two years before.

Where are you from?

The Pocohonos, in Pennsylvania, actually. I moved to New York after high school in order to pursue modeling.

You work with a lot of rappers — did you grow up listening to rap?

Actually, no. My parents were really strict. I remember when I bought a DMX CD, and my parents made me return it because they said it would be bad for me to listen to—too many curse words. Anyway, so I grew up mostly listening to pop music. But now I listen to hip hop, pop, and even some house music.

Do you party a lot?

No, because I get asked to make appearances and perform so often that it’s not worth it for me. I’m also going on tour in China this summer, so I’ve been mostly focusing on that.

How did you get started? 

I met this amazing producer, Nick Price, who has a legendary studio in Times Square. He was producing for Wu Tang at the time, and he was just like, let’s get you in the studio, and I met a bunch of amazing people who helped me find my voice. These days, I’m writing by myself mostly though.

And so how did you end up working with Snoop?

That collaboration was so cool because he got in touch with us about getting on the song. He sent over his track, so it worked like that, but it really just felt like such an amazing stroke of luck.

What’s the next project of yours you’re excited for?

I’m doing a shoot with Mr. Flawless, a jeweler, and I’m really excited for it, because I helped creative direct the idea, which involves an ice cream truck, and ice cream cones filled with diamonds. It’s going to be great.

Photos by Paulo Salud

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