Let’s Cyber By Pretty Puke

Photographer Pretty Puke has worked up quite the reputation and following with over 70 thousand Instagram followers. Saying his work doesn’t quite fit conventions is an understatement and we, like him, love it that way. He answered a few fun questions from us and offered us this compelling editorial, check it out!


How did you get into photography?
My mother was always taking naked photos of me, so I guess I naturally picked up photography because of her. After an ex-girlfriend left me I started documenting general bad behavior and haven’t stopped since.

What do you like to shoot most?
Anything that seems honest.

Why ‘Pretty Puke’?
It’s word play at it’s finest, but it’s also the perfect pairing of words that sums up the world I’d like to create with photography.

Favorite color:

Craziest place you’ve shot:
My little sister’s room .

What song is playing on repeat at your shoots?
Orbital – Halcyon

Who would be your dream shoot?
The whole the Kardashian family tied up while Kanye reads his own lyrics.







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