Leomie Anderson does quarantine

We caught up with model/ designer/ Galore cover girl/ VS Angel, and all around renaissance woman Leomie Anderson, on what she’s been doing to keep herself busy during quarantine.

The British model—who has already achieved major notoriety in her career—is just getting started. Leomie has taken this time to focus on her own streetwear label Lapp the Brand. And while she has achieved major success in the fashion world, she has shared some of the experiences she has faced as a black model in the industry. Check out Leomie’s youtube where she shares more in depth personal experiences.

—If all this wasn’t enough, Leomie shot and styled her own editorial for Galore from her home in London in some stunning VS lingerie. It doesn’t get any better! Check out the exclusive shoot and interview bellow.

What have you been doing to stay occupied during covid lockdown?
Relaunching my brand LAPP the Brand during lockdown has been stressful but rewarding and I’m thankful for the time I’ve had to focus on it as usually I would’ve been travelling like crazy! Spending time with my family and watching my house renovation has been so important to me too. 

Tell us about your experience as black woman in the fashion industry.
I just spoke about this on my YouTube channel youtube.com/crackedchinacup that as a black girl in the industry you often feel you had to wear a mask of professionalism and hide your personality in fear of being scrutinized but things have began changing and now we are claiming our full selves and telling fashion they have to deal with it. 

You work for a ton of high fashion brands, throughout your career, what types of discrimination, if any have you faced or seen your peers face?
To be honest i recount this a lot and I’m over discussing it now because in 2020 we shouldn’t still be discussing the mistreatment of black models

LAPP is your streetwear label, what does Lapp mean and what made you want to start your own brand?
Lapp stands for leomie Anderson the project the purpose and I started the brand because I saw a gap in the market for a safe space online for women of all ages and all writing abilities to be able to tell their story. I then used my love for fashion to create merch for the brand then moved on to designing pieces and just dropped my first full collection!

What is the one thing you miss at the moment?
Going on holiday for sure

What is next for you in 2020 going into 2021
With travel out of the question I’m focusing on events for my brand and working on my other projects and pursuits in areas outside of modeling. Modeling is still very important to me but i want to explore new industries

Photography: Leomie Anderson

Lingerie: Victoria’s Secret

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