Lauren Giraldo is Going to Slay 2017

Photographer Amber Asaly sat down with Lauren Giraldo to talk her upcoming music and ask some spitfire style questions. Check out their exclusive photos for Galore below!

Who’s the coolest person you can think of and why? 

Moana, and the creators of the film. I’ve loved watching Disney come so far— it’s so important for the younger generation to see a kick ass colored girl, with curly hair showing everyone that females are just as strong and intelligent as males.

What is the weirdest message you have received from a fan?

It’s always strange to me when people call me ‘mom’.

Who do you think would be a surprisingly good president? 

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

This is your chance to give anyone in the world a shoutout! Who do you pick and why?

My sister, Kris – you are always my #1.

What’s your number one requirement in a guy or girl you’re looking to date?

Number one requirement for me is personality.

One makeup product you can’t live without? 

Highlight and glitter.

Advice for up and coming musicians? 

You’ll change your mind a million times, but being patient is worth it.

Any exciting news that no one knows yet you can let us in on?! 

I have multiple shows coming out in 2017 and the world will finally get to hear my original music in January 2017.

@catherinefulmercollection bowie jacket, pants @atelierpattyang @nowshowroom, scarf @louisvuittonlaren
@areyouami pink slip dress, @cherievintage; chokers are @vidakush

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@catherinefulmercollection dress, @cherievintage jacket

Photos by Amber Asaly

Styling by Haley Camille

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