Larsen Thompson Is Hollywood’s New Fav Triple Threat

Larsen Thompson is only 15 years old, but has already established herself in Hollywood as a triple hyphenate. The young actress/dancer/model has been dancing backup for musicians, as well as acting in commercials since a young age, then scored roles in videos for songs like “IDFWU” and “Run the World” that would go viral.

These days, the young starlet is starring in Revolve’s new lookbook, as well as dancing on Lifetime reality show, “Dance Video Throwdown,” but still made time to chat with us about her favorite dance movies, her hair secrets, and what she thinks of Beyonce’s new athleisure line. And check out Larsen’s gorgeous new photoshoot, shot by Paul Capra, below.

I try to watch dance movies like “Save The Last Dance” literally whenever possible, since they’re the best. What’s your favorite dance movie, or dance scene in a movie? 

Larsen Thompson: My new fav dance movie  is the “High Strung” movie. The choreographer, Dave Scott,  is one of my mentors and  my favorite scene was the subway battle scene.

Where did you grow up, and where did you learn how to dance? Does anybody in your family dance as well?

I grew up in Newbury Park, California, and started dancing at age 4 in a local studio. I currently train at Academy of Dance Westlake Village. My aunt, Julianne McNamara danced in gymnastics. She won a silver medal in 1984 on the floor exercise. She had beautiful dance moves.

Your hair is amazing! What do you do to keep it so beautiful? 

I spend a great deal of time brushing my hair. I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner.

What’s an easy dance move that everyone can do at a party when/if they feel uncomfortable?

The Dab is a fun dance move to do with friends, and for Snapchat fun.

What are your favorite clothes to wear while you’re working out? 

I believe you can still be fashionable while working out. I love finding pieces that you  can transform into street style. I love the Rita Ora collection from Adidas and Beyonce’s new Ivy Park from Top shop slays. You can feel fashionable and beautiful in these pieces.


Larsen Thompson - Galore Mag

Larsen Thompson - Galore Mag

Larsen Thompson - Galore Mag

Larsen Thompson - Galore Mag

Larsen Thompson - Galore Mag

Larsen Thompson - Galore Mag

Photographer: Paul Capra
H&MU Artist: Marla Vazquez

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