“Larger Than Life And Twice As Ugly” A Different Photographic Perspective

With so many photo books being released documenting supermodels, pop stars and just exceptionally beautiful people in general, Louie Jenkins’ new “Larger Than Life and Twice As Ugly” turns the perception of beauty on its head. An entire book dedicated to “the freaks [he] met in America, Morocco and everywhere in between” showcases average people doing, perhaps, not so average things. From laying half drunk in a disco suit to cuddling up with a giant plush monkey, the photos are intriguing, original and yes ugly. But sometimes, it is the ugliest snapshots that resonate the most. After all, we can’t all be Candice Swanepoel, but we can certainly be some freak in a bodysuit (though most of us probably wouldn’t want to be).

“Most of the people that others avoid have got some pretty wild stories and nuggets of information, they just don’t know how to express it right.” Says Louie Jenkins

“I took a book on my American trip and wrote loads of shit down – jokes, names and addresses.”

“It makes you think that sometimes people are such big characters that it crushes them into the weird creatures that they are.”

“If I get rich I’ll take photos of roulette tables and high-class whores, but I guess for now I’ll continue with pictures of people. ”






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