Lady Gaga’s New Single Isn’t As Fun As Everyone Thought It’d Be

Lady Gaga, who hasn’t released solo material since 2013’s “Artpop”, dropped “Perfect Illusion” yesterday as the lead single from her new record “LG5.”

While we speculated last month that this song would be the ultimate comeback of our disco-stick, meatdress-wearin’ Gaga, it turns out that this new song was in fact a rebirth of the post-disco rock-n-roll she hinted at on the “Born This Way” album.

A lot of people thought she’d be back to her dance-pop roots. But she already gave us that with Artpop, and there’s a reason why people nicknamed it Artflop. It was the record everyone was asking for, with more pop and electronic vibes because of how good disco-tinged “The Fame Monster” was, and yet everyone hated it.

After the backlash, she took a break from the pop world and went for a more mature sound with Tony Bennett. Even though everyone basically knew the “Bad Romance” era was dead after “Artpop,” why do we keep expecting her to go back to that sound?

This new record is a testament to that vocal maturity she gained with Tony, but an ode the the Gaga we all know and love.

But even then, the overall consensus about the song itself is mixed. Gaga fans love it.

But the critics are not sold. The Guardian calls the track an “underwhelming comeback in search of a melody.”

They also note the absence of auto-tune on the track, saying:

“The first thing you notice about Perfect Illusion, the disco-rock lead single from her upcoming album, is that there’s zero pitch correction on her vocal… Gaga wants you to hear the blue notes, the cracks in her voice. Unfortunately the cracks are all you hear.” 

The Vulture calls the track “a shrewd, catchy return to form,” but also “a textbook Lady Gaga dance-floor banger.”

USAToday says, Bottom line: While not perfect, it’s buoyant and fun enough, we suppose. Just not groundbreaking.”

The track does take a few listens to get into, but I felt the same way with Rihanna’s “Work.” I hated it at first and now I cannot stop twerking to it.

The same thing will probably happen with “Perfect Illusion.” It might be a little before its time and the new sounds might be overwhelming to the OG Gaga fans who are still awaiting the return of their disco queen, but the record is already #1 in over 60 countries including the US.

So it can’t be as bad as the reviews are selling it, right?

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