Lady Gaga Is Probs Going to Perform Her Lame New Song At the Super Bowl

There’s a hot new rumor on the street that Lady Gaga is going to perform at the Super Bowl this year, which is kind of a bummer seeing as her new single, “Perfect Illusion,” is really lame.

It’s also a big bummer for Taylor Swift, who was allegedly being considered to perform at the Super Bowl until she was publicly exposed as a snake and started aggressively dating some old-ish British dude to try and distract us from her public relations nightmare, which coincidentally only created a larger public relations nightmare.

But do you know who this news isn’t a bummer for?


In the past week, Lady Gaga has worn a lot of jorts.

She wore them to a radio station, she wore them just to walk around town, and she even wore them to fashion week.

At least Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl is good news for somebody.

[H/T US Weekly]

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