Kylie’s Florist Says When In Doubt, Buy This Color Rose

Flowers are fun and all, but you know what’s not fun?

When they die in less than a week because you keep forgetting to water them before you go out and then get too hammered to remember to do it when you get back.

But what if there was a way to get flowers without having to water them that will still look fly as fuck?

Enter celeb florist La Fleur, who specialize in preserved roses, which are real roses that last a year without water and look, feel and smell just like fresh cut roses.

We talked to them about their famous clients, what rose colors really stand out and the big question, who gets the bigger bouquet: side chicks or wifies?


Do you ever tell people that the flower arrangement they picked out is tacky and gross and won’t get them laid?

Ha! Many bouquets ago, I learned that people like what they like. It may not be for me, but it totally works for them! We have certainly suggested specific styles and colors that are always a hit when a client is unsure. When in doubt, gold it out! Always add gold roses. We created that trend and we stand by it.

Who’s buying these? Is it mostly women buying them for themselves as decoration or is it mostly guys buying them for gifts?

La Fleur is different from your typical flower company. We specialize in precision boxed roses which can literally be used for any occasion. We have had our bouquets used for “Thank you,” “I’m sorry,” “Congratulations,” “We’re expecting,” “Will you be my bridesmaid,” “I love you,” “Just because,” you get the point… We set out a goal to change the way roses are gifted. They are no longer just gifted to someone you love, rather a coworker, fiancée, sibling, friend, client, etc.

Is there any color rose would you never give to a woman?

We have over 20 shades of roses including black and gold. There is no wrong color to give to a woman. We actually sold more black roses than red on Valentine’s Day!

What’s the most romantic story you’ve ever heard from a client?

We had a client that was deployed overseas. He had missed the past four of his wife’s birthdays. So this year, he sent her one bouquet for four days leading up to her birthday. We had each bouquet delivered at the same exact time on each day. On the fourth day she opened the door, and there he was holding the last bouquet. She was in total shock! So cute!

Do you have any famous clients?

Yes! Kylie Jenner, Miguel, Kehlani, Tamar Braxton, Tracy Morgan, George Lopez, Rocco DiSpirito, Robin Thicke, Sanaa Lathan, Nicole Williams, Carl Crawford, Andre Berto to name a few.

Do you find that there are certain flowers that guys buy for their wives vs. girlfriends vs. side chicks?

We’ve seen guys give their wives and side chicks the same exact bouquet with the same exact message. There isn’t a specific type of bouquet but size matters, according to the guys that have ordered. Wives typically get the grande size bouquets while girlfriends/side chicks get the petite.





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