Kylie Jenner Just Announced She’s Making Eyeshadow Palettes

Well, it’s official.

Kylie Jenner isn’t just making lip kits anymore, she’s also making eyeshadow palettes.

Or as she likes to call them, Kyshadow Kits.


A few minutes ago, Kylie posted a video to her website announcing her very first Kyshadow Kit, which she’s apparently been using every day for the past five or six months.

The first set of eyeshadows she’ll be releasing is her bronze palette, which consists of nine different colors, ranging from quartz to obsidian which Kylie promises are long-lasting and effortless to blend.


She also posted a makeup tutorial, teaching you how to use each and every color in the pallet, just in case you, like me, are completely clueless when it comes to anything more complicated than slathering on a layer of liquid eyeliner.

And look — the case it comes in is so cute!


At the end of the video, Kylie promises there are two additional Kyshadow Kits we’ll see before the end of the year, although she fails to provide a release date for any of the—including her bronze kit.

Oh well.

We didn’t even know she was coming out with an eyeshadow line until today, so I guess we can wait a little longer to find out when we can purchase them.

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