Kim Kardashian Learned the Hard Way that Vintage Levis Are a Scam

We’d like to interrupt your regularly scheduled content to bring you the following message: vintage Levis are a scam.

Like, you know how shopping for jeans in general can be a horrible, self-confidence shattering experience?

Shopping for vintage Levis is worse because no matter how many pairs you try on, they never fit right.

Kim Kardashian just learned this lesson the hard way.

Exhibit A: look at her fly — do you see how angry it is?

OH MY FUCKING GOD 🙌🏾 #TodaysLook – Lace Bodysuit, #Levi Jeans, #YeezySeason4 Boots

A photo posted by STYLE ICON. (@kimklookbook) on

Exhibit B: look at the back of her jeans – do you see how loose they are?

These pants “fit” Kim but they do not fit Kim.

Her vintage Levis were a scam and yours will be too.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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