I Want Everything From Kim Kardashian’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Kim Kardashian tweeted a link to her personalized Mother’s Day Gift Guide, in which she helps you select the perfect gift for your mom this holiday, since she apparently “loves Mother’s Day!” And after scrolling through the guide, I’ve decided I’d like everything on the list, not for my mom, but for myself. Leave it to Kim to have me feeling #selfish.

The gifts mostly recommend beauty products, but also include some options for digital photo frames, Givenchy home slippers, bathrobes, Khloe Kardashian’s new book, and lots of candles. Here are my favorite options so far:

1. No clue how this robot plant functions, but it looks cool AF. I’ll take one Gourmet Herb Aerogarden please.


2. This Christian Louboutin lipstick looks slightly dangerous, which is a good way for lipstick to look, IMO.


3. Kim also just announced her partnership with LuMee, the light-up phone case company, so this Polaroid camera could be good for capturing moments aside from taking selfies. 62-23161-_11485169-1461029399

4. I can’t wait to be the MILF who wears bathrobes like this.


5. I’ve been in the market for the perfect body scrub, AND I THINK THIS IS THE ONE BECAUSE KIM SAID SO. SRSLY.


Kim must have put this together knowing that her family members would have to buy her something from the list. I mean, the holiday is a good 3 weeks away. The website is organized by the names of Kim’s family members, so you can choose your gift type based on the category of Kardashian mom. There are listed suggestions for the  Kourtney mom, “a sister who’s also a mom,” the Kris type of mom, “the one and only: your mom,” and the Kim option — “you need something fun for yourself, of course!”

See the rest of her gift guide here.

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