Kim K’s Doctor Tells Us All About Hollywood’s Hottest New Butt Injectable

These days, when it comes to butts, the bigger the better.

While some of us are either born #blessed or don’t give a fuck, those who want to amp up their behinds might spend hours at the gym every week, become a joke by buying butt pads, or give thousands of dollars to some doctor who knows his/her way around a syringe.

With some help from RealSelf, we checked in with one of those doctors.

Dr. Simon Ourian has worked with everyone from Kim Zolciak to a handful of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters, and with the he couldn’t wait to tell us about Hollywood’s hottest new butt injectable, Sculptra.

Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable used to treat mild to sever facial wrinkles AND give you a banging butt. What a combo!

The only downside is it costs $15,000 to $40,000, And it’s literally a giant needle in your butt cheeks. But hey, a good ass is hard to buy.

Galore: Big butts are in right now, but how long do the injections last?
Dr. Simon: 2-10 years.

Is there a celeb people reference the most when asking for Sculptra?
Without a doubt the most commonly referenced celebrities for butt augmentation are J. Lo and Khloé Kardashian.

How much bigger do most people want to go?
Usually only one size.

What are the early signs that a butt injection is wearing off?
It starts to shrink in size.

When the injection wears off, will my butt look just like it did before I got an injection, or will it look sadder?
Yes, it will look just like it did before.

Who is ideal for this treatment?
The ideal candidate for butt augmentation with Sculptra is healthy, without sufficient fat for transfer, and looking for a one or two size increase.

What’s the Sculptra experience like from start to finish during an appointment?
Butt augmentation with Sculptra injections is fairly straightforward: The area to be treated is first numbed with a local anesthetic, then the injections take 15-30 minutes. Depending on the desired result additional sessions may be scheduled a few weeks apart.

What does it feel like in the body?

Once any initial soreness is gone, injections feel like a natural part of the body. It is not unusual, on the other hand, to “feel” an implant with this becoming more apparent the thinner the patient or the larger the implant.

You can almost always tell when somebody has fake boobs – will people I sleep with be able to tell that I’ve gotten some work done on my butt?

About how many injections do you do a month?
10-20 on average.

Do you get a lot of repeat customers?
No, because the procedure lasts a few years. We do get a lot of referrals from friends!

How often do people try and get you to spill the beans about which Kardashian asses you’ve helped sculpt?
LOL! This has happened several times.

And by “several times,” we’re pretty sure he means one hundred million times.

Damn you doctor/patient confidentiality!!!

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