Kim K Just Did the Worst Kanye Impression of All Time

Celebrities aren’t always good at Snapchat, but last night Kim K snapped some of her best work yet.

As a bonus, there’s lots of North cuteness peppered in. First, Kim shared a video of North kissing Kim’s head a bunch of times, like the little angel she is.

Then, it was time for filter roulette.

First up, the deer filter, because North wanted to hear the their voices change.

Followed by the old man filter, which North HATED!!!!!

Next was the girl who tried out for the Blue Man Group only to be told they only let boys in and decided to make the best of it filter:

Then came the Coachella filter, which Nori couldn’t even help but sleep on:

And last but not least, Kim face swapped with Kanye and proceeded to do what might go down in history as the worst Kanye West impression ever.

Like have you even met Kanye, Kim?

I know you guys are married and take pictures together all the time, but call me crazy, I have a new conspiracy theory I’m shipping.

Kim and Kanye have actually never met.

Love is a sham.

Kanye’s a lizard person.

Kim K’s a robot.

North West is a secret agent created by social media to infiltrate our hearts and take over the world.

Happy long weekend.

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