Killer heels that won’t kill your feet + 5 more things I’m obsessing over this month

Whether you got what you wanted for Christmas or spent it alone with takeout and Netflix, people are banking on 2021 bringing new beginnings (or at least a year in which we can leave our houses without risking death).

Perhaps you’ve got a 2021 resolution to actually start using those 10 pound weights you fought someone for at Target. Maybe you’ve decided that you’re going to read something other than the (extremely depressing) news in the evenings. Maybe, like me, retail therapy is continuing to get you through your weeks—and you’ve got Christmas money (or perhaps a stimulus check) to spend, dammit!

Here are some of my favorite things as of late…

1. A pair of killer heels that won’t kill your feet

Kruel London The Videlle Platform, $695

Just like every girl needs the perfect LBD, every woman needs the perfect pair of black killer heels.

I like the phrase killer heels because to me it means a pair of heels that are super high, a bit edgy, and go with pretty much anything (ideally a smokey eye and a sleek high pony). I have black pumps for business and black strappy sandals for cocktail dresses, but I had been in the market for a pair of black killer heels that weren’t terribly dated (my old go-to were those backless heels made popular by Lady Gaga).

After receiving a pair of the The Videlle platform heels by Kruel London (fun fact: the brand is actually founded by Post Malone’s manager), I found what I had been missing. These shoes are super statement-making while still being simple enough to match with most outfits (bullet heels are a neutral, right?). Due to the platform, they’re also comfortable while maintaining a super high heel. If you don’t want the height, this style also comes without the platform.

I’m not quite sure when I’ll get a chance to rock this, but when the right event manifests itself post-vaccination, I’ll be ready.

2. An AHA exfoliator that won’t make winter skin worse

NĀELI Naturals AHA/BHA Exfoliant, $20

When the weather gets cold and your skin gets dry, you may be tempted to slack off on some of your skincare habits. Exfoliating feels great in the summer, but can be too drying for some skin types in the winter. While it’s understandable to exfoliate less in the winter, you shouldn’t say goodbye to scrubbing altogether. Instead, try switching to a gentler (but still effective) exfoliant. This one from NĀELI Naturals is formulated with AHA/BHA for a thorough chemical exfoliation, but is PH balanced so it won’t dry out or irritate your skin.


3. A pair of biker shorts to light your fire

Torch’d x Terez Tie Dye Bike Shorts, $78 (USE CODE ASHLEYG15 for 15% off)

At-home workouts were a lot more exciting back in March. Now it’s been a month since many of us have stepped foot in a gym or booked a daring workout through Classpass. I’m awful at motivating myself to work out at-home (which is why I’ve mostly been attending outdoor workout classes since summer), but cute workout clothes help. These in-your-face, fiery, neon shorts from Terez are comfy enough for WFH, but compression-y enough for a good workout.


4. A meal delivery service that makes vegan eating taste good

Herb And Seed LA

Treat yourself to a meal delivery service in 2021. You deserve it after all those failed bread fiascos and grocery trips designed to last you a month.

I’m super picky with meal delivery services because I have high standards for what’s healthy and tastes good. I also always eat vegan when it comes to meal-prep. I’ve written my praises for Sakara Life in the past, but had been holding out for something a bit more affordable and I finally found it.

Herb And Seed’s offerings include pumpkin oat pancakes, eggplant parmesan, and a variety of flavorful bowls that include veggies, rice, and some kind of protein (and usually a yummy sauce too). It’s also super affordable and caters to other dietary concerns as well. All their meals are vegan, but many of them are also gluten-free or soy-free.


5. A sexy-cozy set that’s perfect for all occasions

Stay Cozy Nude Tie Front Crop Top & Shorts Set, $92 (Currently on sale for $36)

Photo by

The only kind of nudes I’m trying to receive in 2021 (unless I meet the loml with the perfect dick) is this cute set from Tobi. The shorts are the perfect comfy bottoms to throw on whether WFH, keeping it cute for a Trader Joe’s run, or saying F it and flying to Miami for a vacay.

Keep in mind this set def runs small. I’m wearing a size small in this picture and it’s quite cheeky.


6. A body oil to keep your skin looking like summer through January

Virgin Suncare Baciato Del Sol Botanical Body Oil, $98

I just got turned onto body oils a few year ago, and as someone with dry skin they’ve changed my life. I use oils to hydrate my skin, shave, treat any scars or burns, and pretty much anything else. I’m also obsessed with olive oil (must be the Mediterranean in me), so when I heard about Virgin Suncare’s Baciato Del Sol botanical body oil, I was intrigued.

Most people’s skin could use some TLC in the winter months, and mine was no exception. I love this product’s rich feel and luxurious packaging. While I’m not in love with the applicator, the glass bottle looks nice on my bathroom counter, and it even comes in a luxury travel pouch so that you can take it with you without worrying about oil getting all over your things.

As a bonus, the brand is female founded. Nicole Federico just launched the product last summer after searching for a natural product that’s not your grandmother’s olive oil.


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