Khloe’s New Man Is Apparently Having A Baby With Tyga’s Ex

Not too long ago we found out Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga’s baby mama, Blac Chyna, was pregnant with Rob Kardashian’s baby. NOW, Tyga’s ex Jordan Craig is pregnant, and it looks like it could be Khloé’s new boyfriends baby.

Khloé Kardashian has been dating Tristan Thompson, an NBA Cleveland Cavaliers star, for only two months. However, Tristan might be bound 2 his ex Jordan Craig for at least another 18 years as she has just revealed she is expecting a baby.

A source told Us Weekly Tristan has told Khloé about the baby and is said to be “happy about it.” Jordan Craig is eight months pregnant and is expecting a boy.

Now for the weird part: according to Hollywood Life, Jordan Craig also used to date Tyga.

What a mindfuck. Not only has Kylie got to deal with becoming the aunt to her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s baby, she also has to deal with her boyfriend’s OTHER ex (Jordan) hanging around to drop the kid off with Khloé’s BF. As if one ex-girlfriend wasn’t bad enough.

At least now when you think your family is intense you can take comfort in the fact that your sister’s boyfriend’s ex/potential baby mama wouldn’t have dated your current boyfriend. Or that your brother’s fiancé isn’t the mother of your boyfriend’s baby. OR that your nickname (King) isn’t also the name of your boyfriend’s child with your brother’s fiancé.

None of this new story will result in any insane uncle-daddy combos per se, it just proves Hollywood (or just Calabasas?) is actually a tiny, tiny place.


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