Kendall Loved Wearing See-Through Pants With Gigi This Year

Kendall and Gigi can’t always hang out — cough Taylor — but when they do, sometimes they like to wear coordinating outfits.

While Kendall maintains this can happen organically, she confesses that they occasionally plan these matching moments in advance.

And out of all of those moments this year, the matching outfit Kendall liked the most was this one:

#KenGi is all that matters💛

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June 2: #GigiHadid and #KendallJenner leaving The Nice Guy in West Hollywood.

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“This twin moment was partially intentional,” Kendall confessed on her app. “We both showed up to the Nice Guy in a cropped vintage rocker tee and sheer pants. Gigi and I love to coordinate outfits.”

Although she doesn’t mention what part was intentional — did they both agree on the phone they’d wear pants that they regretted buying and call it a day — what’s important is that they were in it together.

And at the time, we really thought they were.

On June 30th, the night these photos were taken, everybody believed Gigi and Zayn had broken up and that Kendall was taking her BFF out for a night on the town where they cut put their bags in a circle and said “fuck boys” as they flailed their arms around to the rhythm and sipped on non-alcoholic beverages.

Or at least, moved their butts in the general direction of the cameras.

party pants

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Ah, to be young, rich and in possession of a pair of party pants.

[H/T Teen Vogue]

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