Kendall Skipped Her First Runway Gig for Cheerleading Practice

In 2011, Kendall Jenner was taking her first baby steps towards being the supermodel of the world she is today.

Only there was one BIG problem: she couldn’t give less of a flying fuck about runway.

During a photo shoot with legendary prom dress designer Sherri Hill, Kendall was given the opportunity to walk in a small, private runway for some VIP buyers from the UK and she actually had the balls to say, “I think I have like, cheerleading practice on Monday.”

Like a good older sister and momager-in-training, Kimmy was flabbergasted by this and quickly told Sherri, “Oh, we’ll get out if it, that’s fine.”

Kendall did not smile at this news.

Instead, she sat there and pouted.

Still, Kim was determined to make things happen for her teenage protégée so she hired a runway coach to whip her pouty little sister into shape.

As you might imagine, this didn’t go well. From start to finish Kendall refused to take it seriously and actually stormed out of the lesson because that’s how DGAF about runway she was.

In the end, Kendall and Kim ended up going to Calabasas without furthering Kendall’s career, but that’s okay, because she ended up walking the runway for Sherri Hill in 2013 anyway.

We always knew you could do it, Kenny.

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