Keke Palmer Tried to Teach a Middle-Aged Man To Make His Ass Dance On TV

In what can only be described as an act of charity, last night our cover girl Keke Palmer tried to teach middle-aged white man Conan O’Brien how to make his ass dance on national television.

“It appears like you have a super power,” Conan told Keke before showing a short clip of her isolating her butt cheeks while wearing a colorful marijuana onesie.

“I’m telling you, it’s just about the gluteus maximus isolation,” she explained. “I wish I could show you.”

Without skipping a beat, Conan said he wouldn’t stop her from trying so Keke got up on her chair, turned her back to the camera and began her tutorial by saying, “Sorry, mom, that I’m doing this!”

Although the image of a grown man in a suit climbing on his desk and getting on all fours is worth its weight in gold, Conan clearly didn’t even try to make his ass dance claiming, “I have no ass to speak of! There’s nothing here! I have no nerve endings down here!”

Oh well, at least she tried.

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