The Trail Blazing “Bling Empire” Star Jaime Xie Sets the New Standard for Fashion

Jaime Xie’s bold style is everything Galore embodies, art, fashion, and pop culture. Her unique look sets her apart as a trail blazing stylist and actress. Jaime is a lead Netflix star from the show Bling Empire and stands out because of her epic looks styled by Law Roach and her colorful sense of expression.

Here at Galore we had the chance to sit with Jaime Xie and talk about her experience on Bling Empire, the importance of Asian representation, her favorite shows to binge watch, home schooling, cooking, and all things fashion.


In an interview with Grazia you said “Growing up in the United States, you see a few Asians here and there on shows or in movies. But it’s never a full Asian cast. I think it’s long overdue and shows like Squid Game prove that an all-Asian cast can be just as appealing and powerful as an all-white cast. I hope this is just the beginning of a larger picture of Asian representation and that it isn’t just a trend.” Can you share more about the importance of representation and visibility?

Being able to normalize Asian voices on the big and small screen without including racial stereotypes is a step forward since we are often under-represented in American media. There are few shows and films that feature Asian actors and actresses as the lead. Showcasing characters from all walks of life is important because it reflects the reality of the real world we live in. It’s also vital for current and younger generations to see heroes, heroines, and main characters of a wide variety of ethnicities and cultures when they watch movies and TV shows.

How do you feel people have responded to the series? What’s one of the most memorable comments a viewer ever said?

I feel extremely grateful for all the positive feedback and comments from viewers. Fortunately, it seems many people enjoy the series and really love what we stand for — Asian representation and visibility in mainstream media. A viewer once commented on my Instagram that I helped them find the confidence to express themselves truthfully and not bend to society’s expectations. This meant a lot to me because I love inspiring people to be themselves and find their identity through fashion. 

As a Netflix star, do you have any other shows you like to binge watch? 

Bridgerton and The Queen’s Gambit are really great shows and I binged both of those when they first came out. I’m also a fan of cooking competition shows such as The Final Table, Bake Squad, and The Great British Baking Show. I love watching these shows because I love to cook and bake for friends and family during my free time. Food brings people together and it’s also fun seeing how the competitors create dishes and pastries from the challenges they’re presented with. 

What do you expect to see in high fashion? What’s the ultimate fashion no-no?

When it comes to high fashion, I expect something unique, special, and experimental. I want to feel some sort of emotion when I see the clothes and I think that is what differentiates a great collection from a mediocre one. Small details are also very important in high-fashion and can make all the difference!My ultimate no-no is bad styling. We see it way too often and it’s so unfortunate because bad styling can make a beautiful piece look cheap and tacky. On the other hand, great styling can elevate pieces and make them look tasteful and expensive.

SHADES: Moschino EARRINGS: Alessandra Rich FULL LOOK: Miu Miu

Who are your favorite fashion icons?

Cher and Princess Diana are my fashion icons. Their style is everything and I especially admire how effortlessly cool all their looks were. 

I know you have a partnership with Law Roach, image architect and stylist to Zendaya, Ariana, and Céline Dion. If you could design something for your childhood inspiration who would it be?

I would probably design a pair of shoes. Shoes are one of my favorite things to buy and I’ve seen so many beautiful and incredibly unique shoes that are truly works of art. I find that many people tend to forget that shoes really make or break outfits. They are often overlooked, but can make all the difference!

You have such diverse experience balancing acting, fashion and school – how was it like balancing school with your public persona? 

I grew up homeschooling with Stanford Online High School because I was a competitive equestrian and traveled often to attend competitions. I learned to adapt to this online environment and way of learning because it allowed me to focus on my passions and really pursue the careers I wanted to without much interference. I feel very grateful looking back now because I got to experience many different parts of the world and different cultures, which is invaluable, especially at a young age. 

Will you be collabing with any makeup brands? If not, who would you love to collaborate with?

I don’t have plans to collaborate with any makeup brands at the moment, but I’m definitely open to working with one. A few of my favorite brands are Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, and Too Faced. Makeup plays an important role in bringing together the outfit so I love to play with different lip, eyeshadow, and eyeliner shapes and colors that compliment my final look.

BRACELET: Jennifer Fisher FULL LOOK: Dolce & Gabbana
FULL LOOK: Vivienne Westwood


Interviewed & Edited by Shirley Reynozo

Graphic Designer: SEBASTIÁN CHICCHÓN @jager.noon

Photography: The Morelli Brothers

Stylist: Law Roach

Make Up: Loftjet

Hair: Antoinette Hill
Shot at Dust Studio LA

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