How to Keep From Dying of Boredom On the Treadmill

The treadmill is a staple in nearly every gym, and one of the most basic forms of working out.

And it’s boring af.

Still, treadmills do have some powerful advantages such as being able to track your results, and avoid frigid temperatures. Here are some new ways to spice up your treadmill training.

1. Intervals

Possibly the easiest way to make time fly by, intervals are always effective.

Give your workout a boost by changing your pace on a timed schedule. By keeping a schedule, it’s much harder to cheat and shorten your session. Between speed changes, give yourself only a minute-long recovery period.

Intervals help in destroying belly fat, since your body must constantly adjust itself due to your changed speeds and heart rate. Try listening to “Starboy” by The Weeknd and find yourself sprinting during Daft Punk, Future, and Kendrick Lamar.

2. Weights

Even a ten-pound dumbbell can help keep your arms looking great in a strapless. Grab whatever set of weights feel the most comfortable, and put your upper body to work.

Whether you put your treadmill on an incline or flat, weights are the perfect choice in adding to your workout. You can rotate between bicep curls, weighted lunges, chest presses, and overheard arm raises. The possibilities are endless and you can walk away with a full body workout.

3. Turn it off

Who knew you could turn your equipment off and still burn calories? Simply shut down your treadmill and let your legs be the new energy source. By having your body physically force the treadmill to move on its own, you will burn more calories than ever.

It might take some time to gain momentum from a complete stop, but dig your toes into the belt and push yourself. By doing 15-20-second sprint intervals, your heart rate will skyrocket and light up those calories.

If your treadmill belt does not move when it is completely shut off, just place it on the zero setting. For an ab or glute workout, place your hands on the ground in a plank position with your back facing the machine. Place your legs on the belt and mountain climb your feet background on the treadmill.

4. Hill inclines

Easily one of the best parts about this machine is the ability to transform the pavement with a push of a button. Start climbing those mountains and prepare for your calves to transform. By increasing your incline, you are increasing your heartrate and boosting your calorie count.

Don’t worry about sprinting uphill either. By simply keeping a steady walking pace uphill your cardiovascular system will still soar. If you’re feeling up for a challenge, grab a pair of weights and keep them relaxed at your sides as you climb your way up.

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